Predict360, leverages unique mapping and cognitive computing technologies to provide regulatory insight, predict risks and drive operational excellence

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The Challenges

  • Due to increasing regulations year after year, the cost of doing business has increased to hundreds of billions, forcing organizations to automate their GRC efforts to achieve operational excellence and reduce costs. Cost increases substantially when organizations continue to invest more in human resource rather than GRC software.
  • Antiquated governance, risk and compliance tools are ineffective in today’s sea of regulations since they were only architected for rudimentary compliance workflows.
  • The use of different tools across multiple departments increases cost, creates silos and mistrust in data which prohibits risk and compliance executives to make intelligent and timely decisions.
  • Industry leaders must determine how to aggregate and roll up risks from all the departments into a holistic view of the company to create action, both in terms of driving business strategies and in understanding anomalies associated with their critical assets.

Sectoral Risks

Our Solution

Predict360 is an answer to the governance, risk and compliance challenges faced by organizations today. It is an enterprise regulatory risk and compliance software that vertically integrates multiple modules providing management with optimal visibility into all risk and compliance aspects of the organization.

It can be configured to provide industry specific workflows and tools adapting to the needs of functional managers allowing them to manage their day-to-day risk and compliance tasks to increase efficiency, agility, quality, productivity and a culture of excellence.

Key Features

Predict360 platform suite is a GRC software specializing in Enterprise Risk and Compliance Management. These modules are flexible and adaptable enough to align risk management with business strategy and create industry specific compliance work flows:

  • Regulatory Change Management
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Audit Management
  • Case Management
  • Policy and Procedure Management
  • Learning Management System
  • Competency Management System
  • Certification and Reporting Management
  • Performance Management System
  • Vendor Management System