360factors EHS Consulting Services is an environmental consulting firm established in 1988 to meet the needs of our clients in specialized areas of environmental management. EHS Consulting Services provides an array of services that encompass environmental regulation compliance involving hazardous waste facility permitting and closures, soil and groundwater investigations, source and ambient air monitoring, air emission permitting, petroleum storage tank (PST) investigations, and environmental site assessments. EHS Consulting Services personnel have completed environmental management and consulting work in 38 states across the United States and in 4 other countries for Fortune 500 companies, lending institutions, and small businesses.

EHS Consulting Services joined forces with 360factors, Inc. in August 2014 to expand the company’s capabilities and help clients streamline their governance risk and compliance efforts. The Integration of EHS Consulting Services and 360factors accelerates the growth of services in the auditing assessment, remediation, and permitting for all vertical in the environmental industry. The integration will help deliver services that provide real-time access to reports, regulatory requirements, and documentation which in turn ensures that clients are always audit-ready

Our team is your solution to cost-effective environmental consulting to assist your company in regulatory compliance with a wide range of professional services in risk management, environmental investigation, regulatory reporting , and remediation of hazardous waste and toxic substances.

The company has developed a unique and innovative Environmental Management System that uses cognitive mapping technology. This system increases operational excellence, sustainability and safety by managing all of an organization’s compliance departments through a single risk-based Environmental Management Software Platform.

Our platform – Predict360 – is the counter strategy to all your environmental regulatory challenges. It is an enterprise regulatory risk and compliance software that vertically integrates multiple modules providing management with optimal visibility into all risk and compliance aspects of the organization.

Please contact us for a demonstration of Predict360 or for an estimate on your next environmental project.