Protect your financial institution and customers with our Cyber Security Experts and IT GRC Software.

Bank Information Security

The Challenges

  • Banks are subject to the most stringent cyber security regulations and standards among our nation’s crucial sectors.
  • There was a 42 percent increase in cyber attacks against US businesses last year. Every minute of every hour of every day, a major financial institution is under attack – it is real and it is only going to get worse.

Our Solution

360factors provides a regulatory risk and compliance management software platform and advisory services that allow complete control over cyber security standards such as ISO, COBIT, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, SOX, NIST and COSO through a simple yet effective regulatory risk and change management model and methodology.

We offer two unique solutions:

Option 1

Managed Services

In managed services, you pay a flat fee to license our cloud-based IT GRC software along with our services from our top-tier bank information security experts to help create, measure, monitor and manage Bank IT security programs based on leading cyber security frameworks and standards.

Option 2

We can provide your institution with experienced, top-tier Bank IT cyber security professionals to handle every aspect of the information security process. Gain access to a bank IT risk assessment along with practical guidance and a state-of-the art approach tailored to your financial institution’s unique situation to keep you up-to-date with the latest audit and regulatory requirements.

Our experts follow a consistent Bank Information Security Regulatory Risk and Compliance Management Methodology.

  • Regulations drive the “Why” – why does an organization need to comply?
  • Once we understand the “why”, that leads to the “What” – what are the controls and what are the risk levels?
  • Once we identify the risk levels, this helps us prioritize which risks need to be addressed, leading us to the “How”.

Regulatory Change Management Methodology

  • The “How” entails defining a clear end-to-end process on how to mitigate risk and achieve compliance.
  • Once the process is defined, the next step is to identify the point of compliance which is the “Where” – typically a branch office.
  • Once the point of compliance is defined, the last step in the process is to identify the “Who” – who is responsible and who is accountable for actions and approvals?

Our Software

Our Information Security experts and advisers use Predict360, a Bank IT GRC software to streamline advisory services as a competitive differentiator. It vertically integrates all IT GRC functions such as IT governance and policy management, IT asset tracking, IT risk assessment, IT control implementation, IT regulatory compliance and reporting, IT incident management, IT vendor risk and performance management, IT auditing and corrective and preventive actions through a single platform.

  • Predict360 is a cloud-based IT GRC Software that comes loaded with all the leading IT cyber security standards and its translations.
  • All of the internal controls, policies, procedures, risk assessment, corrective and preventive actions are mapped at the standard level allowing you to predict future risks.
  • Streamlines your training program to ensure that your employees know what to do in case of a security attack, understand all the bank information security federal and state regulations and standards, and to prepare them for a security breach and vulnerability.