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The Basics of Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is one of the central components of our GRC solution – the compliance module has even been endorsed by the American Bankers Association – thus it is a topic we are very interested in. It is fascinating how important regulations are and how much of an effect they have on the way […]

Volkswagen Announcement Reaffirms the Importance of Culture of Compliance

The whole scandal and fines were also widely covered in mainstream media, which resulted in reputational losses that will take decades to rebuild. The new leadership started by doing an in-depth audit of the organization to understand how such a breach of ethics could occur within their organization. They found that the lack of […]

Understanding PCI Compliance for Small Businesses

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PCI compliance continues to be important for businesses, but not a lot of business owners are aware of what it exactly is. Let’s look closely at PCI compliance, why the standards were formed, and how small businesses need to comply with them.

PCI compliance continues to be important for businesses, but not a lot of business owners […]

The Iran Sanction Compliance Minefield; a sign of things to come?

We live in interesting times, and interesting times are never easy. The world is changing in every aspect from technology to geopolitics, and we are feeling the effects. The situation we have with Iran right now is a great example of how things are changing. All the major world powers were on the same page […]

Culture Remains One of the Most Important Factors in Improving Compliance and Risk Management

We have written about the importance of having the right culture before, and so have other prominent publications like Quartz. Culture is often found to be a major factor in scandals related to risk, compliance and accounting. Just look at this list from Forbes of the biggest corporate scandals in 2015 and note how often culture is mentioned as one of […]

How Small Businesses Can Mitigate the Risk of Compliance Failure

Compliance management is at the heart of any bank regardless of their size. There is a clear distinction in how compliance management is carried out in small and larger banks. Enterprises can leverage millions of dollars on their compliance efficiency whereas, smaller banks remained constrained with their budget and resources.

Why assuring effective compliance is […]