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Managing Compliance Risks Needs Synergy Between Culture and Technology

Managing compliance risk in banks is an important objective of management but having the wrong culture makes it hard to achieve improvements in compliance levels. Management can focus on compliance, create strategies to improve regulatory compliance, and much more but they will not receive the results they need without the right culture.


Achieving Continuous Compliance through a GRC Platform

Continuous compliance is a new approach towards compliance aided by GRC platforms. There are two approaches we can take when it comes to risk and compliance. One is the normal approach which has been historically used in which compliance is achieved through periodic and reactive actions. There are audits after every few months and […]

The Future of Compliance Solutions

Compliance management is quietly undergoing a change. This change began a decade ago and the pace of the change is steadily accelerating. Compliance management was a fully manual process. The organization depended solely on the vigilance and productivity of the compliance personnel to ensure the highest possible levels of compliance. Organizations are now automating […]

Five Key Steps to Improve Regulatory Compliance

Every business is aware of the importance of regulatory compliance, yet we often hear about compliance violations and huge fines being levied on organizations by regulatory bodies. Enforcing regulatory compliance is a complicated task because it requires every stakeholder in the business process to be compliant. The employee at the front line dealing […]

Compliance Management Checklist for Small Businesses 

Compliance is a core component of all organizations regardless of their size. There is, however, a major difference in how compliance affects small businesses and how it affects large businesses. There is a huge imbalance in the resources available to these organizations. Large organizations can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on compliance every […]

Three Compliance Management Tools Every Manager Needs

Demystifying the uses and practicalities of GRC.

GRC is an umbrella term covering technologies and models of all types and sizes. We are aware of the big picture improvements that GRC can bring to an organization’s compliance management framework. The practical side of it – the tools that are employed and the direct benefits they […]