Compliance Training

Using automation to implement compliance management the right way

Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General of the United States Department of Justice gave a speech to commence Compliance Week 2018 and his focus was on the right way to implement compliance. He stated that “compliance should not be treated as separate and distinct from other business goals.” This is an important insight from […]

The Future of Compliance Management

If human history is taken as a reference point and compared with the current state of affairs (in all walks of life), we would find a clear pattern emerging between demand and supply. As far back as in 6000 BC, humans developed the barter system. With passing time, rules were created to accommodate complex […]

5 Benefits of Effective Compliance Management Solutions

In the aftermath of 2007 housing bubble and market crash, the banking world has inculcated a changed vision towards liquidity risks. This spontaneous change in the outlook has been responsible for the creation of new regulations by regulatory bodies like Federal Reserve Board and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. A number of […]

Training and the FDA – What do they want?

The FDA requires medical device and drug manufacturers to train their employees. Training must occur for all types of regulated activities from internal quality management procedures/policies to CFR requirements. The agency expects companies to establish comprehensive procedures that not only detail how the staff will be trained but also complies with the QSR record keeping […]