Cyber security is always a journey, NOT a destination!   We will always be adapting because our threats are always changing!

Cyber security has received a great deal of attention, thanks to President Obama’s Executive Order on this issue.  The President’s Executive Order is a call for action and it is a challenge to each and every one of us in positions of authority and influence to build a culture of cyber security.  Let’s review the President’s words a few years ago, “the great irony of our information Age” is that “the very technologies that empower us to create and to build also empower those who would disrupt and destroy.”  Everyone must do their part to defend against those who would use the benefits of technology for selfish and harmful purposes.



The Version 5 CIP Standards are a significant improvement over the currently effective Version 3 Standards and the Version 4 Standards scheduled to go into effect next April.  One of the major changes introduced in the Version 5 CIP Standards require that all cyber systems receive some level of protection based on their impact on the grid.  Version 5 is very important for entities unsure of whether or not to dedicate the resources necessary to comply with Version 4 but to focus instead on compliance with Version 5.  Do you believe that quick action on Version 5 is important for your entity?

Are you prepared to be compliant with both Version 4 and 5 CIP Standards? 

Will you be audit ready?  Let 360Factors GRC Software manage all your compliance confusion and provide an easier way to manage all your NERC Standards, Compliance to these standards, practices, and procedures, Gap Analysis, RSAW, NERC Audits, and Job Task Analysis.