Cyber Security

Computer Safety at Workplace – Simple Tips to Deal with Internal Risks

Are your employees aware of the potential security risk they pose to your company or business?
It does not matter how much money and time a company spends on protecting itself from hackers, viruses, and malware. If employees are unaware of the methods that hackers can access a system, then your business is a potential […]

Japan initiates Cyber Security Attacks in Preparation for Olympics

In preparation for the 2020 Summer Olympics, Japan hired ethical hackers to launch a full-blown cyber attack on all government departments. The Japanese government hopes to uncover cyber vulnerabilities and remedy prior to hosting the 2020 Olympic Games.  In recent years, the UK conducted multiple cyber attacks prior to the 2012 Summer Games in […]

Process Control System Security Guidance for the Water Sector

Readers of my past articles may have noticed I have inserted links to cyber-security related guidelines from organizations such as the National Electrical Reliability Corporation Standards in order to present the audience with concrete steps they can take to better protect their critical networks.

Just this past week, the American Water Works Association has published […]