GRC Compliance

IT GRC’s Growth is Driven by Increasing Market Demands

The governance, risk, and compliance market keeps increasing in size and is projected to become a $64 billion dollar industry by the year 2025. This growth is fueled purely by multiple factors which all increase the demand for GRC solutions. Some of these factors are external while some are internal. GRC solutions are now considered a necessity in certain s [...]

GRC Based Risk Mitigation Strategies

There are many different approaches and strategies which can be undertaken to mitigate organizational risks. There are four basic types of risk mitigation strategies, under which there are multiple methods and processes. These strategies are avoidance, transference, control, and acceptance. Since the GRC model includes managing risks, GRC helps all four cat [...]

How BFSI is Fueling the Rise of GRC

The GRC market may be worth more than $64 billion in 7 years according to a report by the research firm Grand View Research. Unsurprisingly, BFSI is leading the charge. BFSI accounted for most GRC adoptions and implementations, followed by the telecom industry and the manufacturing industry. It is easy to see what is common in all these three industries – [...]

The Problems with Regulatory Reporting – and How Technology can Fix Them

Regulatory reporting is supposed to be the tool that helps governments ensure that the financial sector performs smoothly and does not cause any cascading problems. Even though there are extensive regulatory reporting requirements they often fail to achieve this objective, as evidenced by the recent financial crisis the world went through. What can we do to [...]

Achieving Continuous Compliance through a GRC Platform

Continuous compliance is a new approach towards compliance aided by GRC platforms. There are two approaches we can take when it comes to risk and compliance. One is the normal approach which has been historically used in which compliance is achieved through periodic and reactive actions. There are audits after every few months and investigations when an issu [...]