GRC Compliance

How Workflow Automation Increases Productivity Exponentially

Businesses today are more productive than they were ever before, largely thanks to technology. The pace of business has increased exponentially. We can see this in every industry around us. It used to take multiple days to complete bank processes that can happen instantly now. Collaboration was almost impossible between two different teams in […]

Automating Enterprise Risk Assessment and Tracking for a Streamlined GRC Experience

Risk assessments are done generally by businesses that need to track risks because it is necessary for their business processes – such as traders and insurers. However, enterprise risk assessment is something that all businesses need to do. Businesses succeed when management makes the right decisions, and management needs to know risks in order […]

How GRC Can Help Minimize AML Compliance Penalties

Anti-money laundering has always been an integral part of compliance management. Its importance has, however, increased greatly in the previous two decades and continues to increase. Since AML compliance is such an integral part of compliance, it is also an integral part of most GRC solutions. However, the benefits of GRC solutions go beyond […]

Metrics That Help Gauge GRC Performance and Effectiveness

GRC implementations increase compliance levels, lower risks, and make businesses more effective. While it is easy to see that GRC software has brought improvements to the way the business operates, assessing the benefits in an objective, quantified manner often remains an elusive goal. That is why it is important to create metrics that can […]

Creating an Organizational Culture Where GRC Thrives

GRC increases compliance levels, enhances risk management, and results in better governance, but it needs the right organizational culture to thrive. Some businesses see minor improvements after GRC implementations while others see complete transformations, and the only difference is in the culture.

This phenomenon isn’t unique to GRC. Businesses went through the same […]

IT GRC’s Growth Is Driven by Increasing Market Demands

The governance, risk, and compliance market keeps increasing in size and is projected to become a $64 billion dollar industry by the year 2025. This growth is fueled purely by multiple factors which all increase the demand for GRC solutions. Some of these factors are external while some are internal. GRC solutions are […]