Information Security Risk Management

Does Your Business Have a Proactive Risk Management Program?

Risk management is a core component in the financial sector which is why almost every business in the sector has a risk management team. However, most businesses do not have a proactive risk management program. There is a general perception that risk management is fueled simply by passion and dedication – that all we […]

Enterprise Wide Cyber Risk Management

Our financial industry has been plagued with financial crimes like phishing, fraud, critical data leakage, security lapses and anti-money laundering experiences. Cyber security has become an extremely important challenge for the banks. Failure in cyber security not only impacts operations, reputations and core processes, but public’s confidence in financial services also gets hampered. The […]

Risky Business: Healthcare Compliance is a Priority over Data Security!

A recent Healthcare Edition of the 2016 Vormetric Data Threat Report (DTR) observed that despite feeling vulnerable to data threats, IT security leaders are prioritizing and focusing more on Compliance. 96% are already bracing for an attack on the personal information, and almost 63% of them experienced a past data breach, with nearly one […]

Electronic Money with Compliance Hazards

The Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA, 12 CFR 1005) was passed by the U.S. Congress in 1978 and signed by President Jimmy Carter, to establish the rights and liabilities of consumers as well as the responsibilities of all participants in electronic funds transfer activities.

If your institution is still debating the future of Remittance Transfers (RT), you’re not alone. Despite a fast-approaching deadline, many banks […]

Big Data and Environmental Management Systems

Environmental concerns are real business challenges. However, in today’s world, these concerns have enlarged to include not only the risk/cost side of the balance sheet but the “how do I make ‘green’ ($) from the green” side, as well.

Big data is defined as the set of information assets characterized by volume, velocity and variety […]

360factors at the Next Gen Oil & Gas Pipeline Security Conference

CEO Ed Sattar recently spoke at The Next Generation Oil & Gas Pipeline Security conference in Houston, Texas on February 17-19.

Designed to provide a fully comprehensive platform to security experts in all aspects of oil and gas protection, the conference focused on the latest developments in pipeline monitoring and security technology and how […]