NERC Compliance

Combining Infrastructure Resiliency Programs

Earlier this week I attended a conference call with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ Energy Water Nexus Council.  During the event, I inquired about recent efforts to combine the resiliency building programs for the nation’s aging electrical and water infrastructure.  The question was well received, and will more likely than not, be an […]

CIP Transition Guidance

How is NERC providing flexibility with the transition from CIP Version 3 to CIP Version 4, while CIP Version 5 is pending at the Federal Regulatory Commission?

While the effective date for CIP Version 4 compliance is April 1, 2014, the new Cyber Transition Guidance will provide guidance and clarification of which assets will be […]

Too Hot for Power? Is America’s Power Grid ready for the heat and humidity? What are the Reliability Issues and Potential Risks of the Drought and Stressed Conditions?

Will the stressed conditions in Southern California and the unrelenting drought conditions give rise to operating challenges?  In 2012, record heat and drought conditions across the United States plagued power plants that require cool water to produce electricity.  From Connecticut to California, high water temperatures and diminished access to water caused by drought forced […]

High-Impact, Low-Frequency Event Risk Magic!

The North American bulk power system (BPS) is one of the most critical of infrastructures and is crucial to society in many ways.  The power industry has well established operating procedures in place to address “normal emergency” events (severe weather, human error, and equipment failure) that occur from time to time and disrupt reliability.  […]

NERC-CIP-V5 Resources for Cybersecurity

Much attention has been placed on the topic of electronic infrastructure durability, particularly if SEMS-like m
anagement systems are expected to continue to function in the midst of major operational disruptions to data centers and cybersecurity protocols caused by force majeure or intentional sabotage events.

The National Electrical Reliability Corporation is one of the entities that provide standards […]

Navigating NERC-PER-005-1

360factors Inc. is Navigating Compliance Intersections!  360factors works closely with companies across the utility spectrum to address and resolve all areas of NERC training compliance.   Following the regulatory approval of PER-005-1, our team has been working tirelessly to address the challenges and requirements that each utility is encountering.  Our goal has been in the development […]