Oil and Gas Regulatory Change Management Workshop

NEWS ALERT: High-Risk Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities to Face Special Inspections

Five O&G facilities termed as “high-risk” could face special inspections as part of the pilot project developed by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE).  These inspections would be based on past inspection, audit information and the results of risk-based modeling.

“BSEE’s inspection teams will be focusing on several risk areas or […]

Thinking Ahead On Air Permitting Regulations

In 2007, American Electric Power was fined a $15 million civil penalty for failing to comply with power plant emission regulations, and the related facility updates to reduce emissions were estimated to cost the company upwards of $4.6 billion.  Can your organization afford such a massive overhaul?

In today’s complex regulatory environment, it is imperative […]

Regulations Tightening for Natural Gas Flaring

Natural gas flaring is the controlled burning of natural gas at well sites in order to test the pressure, flow, and composition of an oil or gas well.  In some cases, like in the Bakken Shale which sits below North Dakota, Montana, and parts of Canada, natural gas flaring is used to burn excess […]

The Generational Shift

There is a shift occurring in the world, especially for the oil and gas industry, that all companies need to take into consideration as they move forward. As Generation X moves towards retirement and a less cumbersome lifestyle, more jobs will open for Generation Y. In addition to this generational shift, the oil and […]