Performance Management

What is Effective Performance Management?

Effective Performance management is much more than simply following regulatory requirements to annually rate employee’s performance. It involves synergy at all organizational levels, in devising methods to plan, track, and review employees’ career goals, work objectives, and contributions to the company. Several different steps go into good performance management.

An effective performance management is the […]

Top 3 Ways to Avoid OSHA Fines & Ensure Workplace Safety

Why was Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) created? Simply to ensure employee well-being and safety by devising strict rules and policies that made sure regulatory compliance was observed. Employee safety is insured if likelihood of death or injuries are reduced by strictly adhering to the rules and standards.

But it gets worst. OSHA shared […]

Why Performance Management Matters

Your business is growing fast, and it’s time to think about implementing or revamping your performance management process that will create an amazing employee experience and help drive your business forward. Your employees are your most valuable asset to help your business grow. So what can you do to engage your top talent, help them […]

Why Compliance “Does” Matter

Looking into a dictionary, one can find that the word “compliance” means that an individual or a group conforms with or obeys a set of rules or regulations determined by the law or any governing body. When it comes to a business and corporate management, compliance refers to the company obeying all of the legal […]

How are you Managing and Assessing Performance?

Companies are looking for ways to improve performance while simultaneously reducing cost and risk, and ensuring compliance.   Through strategic planning, and in alignment with human resource management processes, companies are setting individual and group goals that align organizational culture, structure and strategies with business targets.  The setting of goals is often followed by the […]