Policy and Procedure Management

Four Policy and Procedure Benefits of Document Tracking

Simply creating policy and procedure documents on Microsoft Word and publishing them as PDFs isn’t enough. Policy and procedure documents are a reference guide for the whole organization – they need to not only be helpful, but also be maintained. 

There are many different dimensions to maintaining documents. The documents must be securely stored, routinely […]

Increase Operational Efficiency and Productivity with Better Business Policy Management 

Business policies are an important tool to ensure that the business operates at maximum efficiency. Written in these policies is the blueprint for the whole organization’s expected behavior, role, and reporting. Properly defined and explained business policies can result in smoother operations, because everyone understands their own responsibilities and how to deal with the […]

Creating and Maintaining a Policy and Procedure Manual for Your Business

Creating a policy and procedure manual for the organization is a complicated yet crucial task. The manual needs to be made to ensure that the organization and its employees behave in a legal, ethical, and compliance conscious manner. These manuals are referenced whenever an employee is confused about taking a step or making a […]

Six Benefits of using a Document Management System for Policies

Document management system (DMS) have long been a mainstay in industries where sensitive information is stored. These systems protect documents and produce a trail every time the document is accessed or edited. This ensures the integrity of the documents and makes it easier to audit and resolve any issue that occurs. Document management systems […]

Three Compliance Management Tools Every Manager Needs

Demystifying the uses and practicalities of GRC.

GRC is an umbrella term covering technologies and models of all types and sizes. We are aware of the big picture improvements that GRC can bring to an organization’s compliance management framework. The practical side of it – the tools that are employed and the direct benefits they […]

The Key to Better Policy and Procedure Management

The required policies and procedures are present in almost every organization in the world, yet they are often not followed, which can result in damages for the organization. A closer look at the way we treat policies and procedures and the distance between them and the organizational culture reveals the reason that they are […]