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Expanding the Role of Regulatory Compliance Managers

The world of compliance management is changing rapidly. We saw the first major change with the influx of computers, then another one with the mainstream adoption of information technology. Compliance management solutions are ushering in another change and these changes are changing the job role and responsibilities of regulatory compliance managers.[...]

Five Key Steps to Improve Regulatory Compliance

Every business is aware of the importance of regulatory compliance, yet we often hear about compliance violations and huge fines being levied on organizations by regulatory bodies. Enforcing regulatory compliance is a complicated task because it requires every stakeholder in the business process to be compliant. The employee at the front line dealing with c [...]

Regulatory change management’s role in the transformation of the energy industry

The energy industry is geared up for a transformation in the form of compliance management. With changing regulations, companies will need all the tools and support they can get to successfully transform. Regulatory change management solutions and compliance management solutions will become necessary in facilitating this transformation. This isn’t the fi [...]

Top Reasons to Implement an Automated Regulatory Change Management Program

Rules and Regulations Rules and regulations were devised in order to maintain the integrity of a system. However, interpretation of rules can be quite tricky. Especially, in an environment where the stakes are high, a misunderstanding due to a rule change can lead to great confusion and have a negative impact on the system. Financial institutions like banks [...]

How to Ensure Regulatory Compliance in Today’s Complex World?

Regulatory change has a significant impact on every organization, regardless of industry, and its policies. Failure to respond adequately to regulatory change drives unnecessary costs.In order to ensure Regulatory Compliance today’s complex world, it is critical for organizations to implement an effective regulatory change management model and ensure t [...]