Safety Compliance

NPDES Electronic Reporting Rule

On September 24, 2015 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) signed the final electronic reporting rule which requires NPDES regulated entities to file certain reports and permit related data electronically instead of filing paper reports by using EPA’s NPDES Electronic Reporting Tool (NeT) and NETDMR (for DMR data) portal or the equivalent state version of [...]

Top 3 Ways to Avoid OSHA Fines & Ensure Workplace Safety

Why was Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) created? Simply to ensure employee well-being and safety by devising strict rules and policies that made sure regulatory compliance was observed. Employee safety is insured if likelihood of death or injuries are reduced by strictly adhering to the rules and standards.But it gets worst. OSHA [...]

OSHA Safety Violation Fines Increased by Almost 78%

It’s a significant increase since 1990 that went LIVE on 1st August 2016. The maximum penalties have been increased by almost 78% as OSHA was previously exempted from raising them. It has been eliminated in the fiscal year 2016 budget agreement. This raise was part of “adjustment for inflation” which is based upon Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Ad [...]

OSHA Strikes Again: NJ Contractor Gets $71,400 Fine for 29 Safety Violations

From crane and electrical hazards to improper storage of propane fuel, RCS Construction was slapped with a heavy $71,400 fined by OSHA. Out of 29 citations, 26 were termed as “serious”. Some of the other references included:Chemical violations Equipment violations Non availability of Hazard Communication program Lack of forklift training and m [...]

The ACA & Healthcare Outpatient Services Impact Perspective

“Risk Shifting” With the adoption of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and shift from quantity to quality based reimbursement models, the healthcare landscape is shifting dramatically as to how providers are paid for their services.  The outpatient market is seeing a dramatic adjustment in volume of services based on this market demand.  According to a [...]