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Project Martha – Addressing Seafarer Fatigue

Seafaring is a crucial link bringing back the rewards from offshore energy operations to the on land processing and distribution. While SEMS focuses largely on the petrochemical aspect of the offshore business, the bulk goods transport and marine mining aspects would likely come under SEMS reporting framework.

Project Martha is a global research initiative to […]

Dodd Frank Conflict Minerals – Compliance without Jumping Through the Paperwork?

Something unusual has happened in the electronics manufacturing industry. Earlier on this week, Intel announced that they have achieved the goal of being “Conflict Minerals” free – as in not using any minerals that are of unknown origin, or have been extracted from areas with questionable human rights, safety, and environmental reputations.

Instead of focusing […]

Royalty Tracking – What Role Could SEMS Play in the Realm of Financial Due Diligence?

developments in the Dodd-Frank Act focused largely on financial transaction transparencies and limitations set on the level of financial resources that could be used for investments. Although integrating this ongoing series of regulatory developments into SEMS appears increasing like working with a living document, the topic of financial compensation and royalties that has been […]

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BSEE Discontinuing Seven-Day Courtesy Notification of Annual Compliance Audit and Engaging in Environmental Enforcement

Should they or Shouldn’t they?

For the entirety of my 35 years in offshore BSEE and MMS, before they always gave the offshore operator a phone notification that compliance inspectors would be making their annual compliance inspection of a specific facility.¬†This was a most courteous activity on the part of BSEE giving offshore company personnel […]

SEMS Education – Not Just for Existing Industry Professionals

Engineering ethics classes offered at universities have a tendency to be viewed as an easy low stress elective instead of introducing students going into the petroleum industry to the full financial, legal, and long term reputation ramifications of EH&S non compliance.

While news reports of industrial disasters may spur interest among students, not many are […]

Returning to Duty – Additional topics BSEE and SEMS should turn its attention to

Despite all the negative effects of the current shutdown, this would eventually have to end at some point, and the many departments within the regulatory agencies will have to pick up where they left off along with some additional tasks.¬† Current BSEE regulations primarily focus on operational/personal safety to prevent further oil spills from […]