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SEMS Element #10- Emergency Response and Control #2

I hope you read the previous blog concerning the issues I discovered recently on a rig audit relating to the extremely poor condition of the emergency response and control. There are numerous items that make up an effective system. They can be classified into 6 basic categories.

Emergency Response Management
Command and Communication
Training/ Drills
Temporary Refuge
Evacuation and […]

SEMS Element #10- Emergency Response and Control

It is amazing that after workers are seriously injured and/or killed in the industry that companies, and employees, do not take emergency response and control more serious. I am still finding the most neglected critical safety equipment is the emergency response and control equipment. I recently conducted an audit on a major drilling contractors […]

Do Offshore Operating Personnel Know the Outer Continental Lands Shelf Act?

Question for our industry:

Exactly how many of the employees under you supervision and even at your company who work on production or drilling rigs as a regular employee know the requirements of the Outer Continental Lands Shelf Act ?


*The author’s views and opinions are entirely his or her own and may not reflect the […]

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SEMS Element #9 – Pre-Startup Review

Most companies I have dealt with will have all of these items individually addressed in their SEMS. I will explain a few 30 CFR 250.1917 problem areas I have found to be repeated by a few of my clients.
§ 250.1917 What criteria for pre-startup review must be in my SEMS program?
Your SEMS program must […]

SEMS Element #8- Mechanical Integrity

I have found many companies out there, both large and small, struggle with this area. Most of the time it is because they both overthink it and make it complicated or don’t realize that they have the information to comply with this requirement in front of them. This is an area where software and […]

Integrity Training in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

Many propositions have been put forth as solutions to improving the offshore oil and gas industry.

Yet our biggest problem is INTEGRITY IN OUR PEOPLE , the industry serves up a set of requirements for field employees to earn a full time position and keep it, earning an above average wage working 1/2 of the […]