Texas Banking Association

Lifeblood of your Compliance Program – Risk Assessments and Auditing Internal Controls

So here you are, it’s either the beginning of a new year, maybe a new quarter, or more poignant, the examiners have just finished their review of your bank.  Whatever, the impetus, there you sit at your desk with an all –to- familiar task ahead of you; it’s time to perform a risk assessment […]

Does anyone EVER read my SAR Reports?

One of the most important tasks that a Bank Secrecy Act (“BSA”) Officer has is to make the decision whether or not to file a suspicious activity report (“SAR”).   Many BSA Officers have had the experience of reviewing transactions, analyzing them for suspicious activity and then making the decision whether or the not the […]

Join 360factors at the 2015 Texas Bankers Association Annual Convention in Austin

360factors will be attending the 131st Texas Bankers Association (TBA) Annual Convention and Exposition in Austin, Texas on 15-17 April.

There will be a number of skilled banking and compliance specialists speaking on such topics as US Economic Outlook and Trends in Banking and IPOs, Banking Regulatory Examinations, The Future of Branch Banking, Cybersecurity and […]