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Effective Cyber Security Management

Protect your organization with holistic cyber security solutions


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Your organization’s cyber security measures decide its future

Businesses are the primary targets of cyber-attacks. Hackers know that businesses have sensitive information which can be held ransom and businesses will be willing to pay for the information. The growing sophistication of cyber-crime technology means that your business needs the best protection it can get. Our Cyber Security Software has been designed to give your organization the protection and security it needs in today’s dynamic and vulnerable online world.

Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber security challenges keep increasing

  • The industry is experiencing higher numbers of cyber-attacks than ever before
  • The attacks are growing in sophistication as well, often using 0-day exploits to cripple business systems and bypass consumer level cyber security software
  • Businesses are a common target for attacks due to the high monetary value of their data and network
  • Cyber-attacks can be crippling, and many any businesses have found themselves locked out of their own network and data
  • The threat of ransomware also keeps growing, where hackers demand a big ransom to decrypt data

Protect your network and data

  • Protect your network and data with the Predict360 Cyber Security Software
  • Ensure business continuity in the face of cyber-attacks.
  • Improve your organization’s defenses and security framework.
  • Ensure that all the vulnerabilities within your network are eliminated
  • The cloud-based cyber security solutions is easy to implement
  • 24/7 monitoring of your digital infrastructure, ensuring constant cyber security management
  • Ensure policies and processes are as secure as possible
  • Improve employee cyber security training with learning management integration
  • Quickly implement and manage policies within the cyber security software and keep your data safe
  • Perform internal audits to discover all the cyber security vulnerabilities within your business
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