Federal and state environmental regulations and sustainability guidelines require companies to manage and report a wide range of data such as air pollutant emissions, greenhouse gas emissions, stormwater discharges, water usage, wastewater discharges, waste treatment and disposal, or other sustainability metrics. Organizations subject to mandatory or voluntary environmental and sustainability reporting need a simple solution that is agile, intuitive, and user friendly.

Predict360 Environment & Sustainability

Capture, calculate, analyze and report environmental data required for environment & sustainability reports.

Environment Sustainability Management

The Challenges

  • Manual collection, processing and reporting of environmental and sustainability data are complex, time consuming, and error prone.
  • Current solutions in the marketplace are complex and difficult to use. They were designed by engineers for engineers.
  • Reporting tools lack business intelligence and analysis capabilities. Data and information cannot be presented in ways that enable rapid assessments and decision making

Our Solution

Predict360 Environment & Sustainability is powered by DREEM Solutions. The solution brings simplicity and power to the day to day tasks of environmental management and compliance. Its intuitive interface was built with end users in mind. It leverages the familiarity of a spreadsheet to minimize the learning curve and reduce the amount of effort required to set up and use the application. With a powerful calculation engine, it easily handles calculations to estimate emissions from storage tanks, combustion devices, and a host of processing equipment. It also contains a business intelligence and analytics tool that allows users to create sophisticated reports, graphs and charts that convey complex relationships and trends. With just a few clicks users can drilldown into data underlying the graphic summary charts.

Key Features

Predict360 modules are flexible and adaptable enough to align risk management with business strategy and create industry specific compliance workflows. They provide:

  • High Configurability. The sustainability market is full of different software solutions which makes choosing a package to implement a daunting task. The complexity that comes with existing software packages is due to the intricacy of compliance requirements and metrics. “One Size Fits All” concept does not work in this market. With Predict360 Environment & Sustainability, you configure the application to fit your business and not vice versa.
  • Calculation Engine. Powerful calculation engine with built-in math, date-time, text, and logical functions to handle complex expressions with intuitive user interface. Powerful data aggregation when looking up value that falls in different time span. Add your calculation once and see results immediately without running separate reports.
  • Dynamic Dashboards. Dynamic dashboards and performance analysis reports which allows you to analyze and compare your data for each source and aggregate results up to the site level. Get data from Predict360 Environment & Sustainability in real time and no need to wait for background processes or cubes to manipulate the data; your data is as real time as you want it to be.
  • Seamless Integration with Excel. Are you proficient in Microsoft Excel? Do you prefer analyzing your data in Excel? Do you like to use Excel PivotTable and PowerPivot for your reports? Not a problem; just open up Excel, point your data source to the data and start working, no additional add-ons or coding needed.

Product Screenshots