Increase operational excellence, reliability and sustainability by managing all of your compliance departments through a single risk based platform.

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The Challenges

  • Utilities are constrained by rules and regulations imposed by many different government, trade, and standards entities, often across many different regional and geographic areas such as NERC, FERC, EPA, OSHA, Dodd Frank and other regulations. No matter where they originate, one thing is clear: these rules constantly change, are becoming increasingly complex to interpret and implement, and they inject ambiguity around which rules apply to any given location or set of activities.
  • Most of utilities lack enough resources or expertise to stay on top of all the regulations and standards which can make tracking and management ofcompliance challenging. Not complying with applicable rules can pose significant risks and ultimately will result in inefficiency as your utility struggles to get into compliance. to increasing regulations year after year, the cost of doing business has risen to hundreds of billions forcing organizations to automate their GRC efforts to achieve operational excellence and reduce costs. Costs increase substantially when organizations continue to invest more in human resource rather than GRC software.

Our Solution

Predict360 platform is the answer to the GRC challenges the energy and utilities industry is facing. It is a single e-GRC software platform that will automates the compliance for all departments and regulations such as NERC, FERC, EPA, OSHA, Dodd Frank, ISO, and so on. It aggregates the risk across all the departments and gives the executives a unified view of risks across all the departments.

Transform your compliance with the most unique mapping and cognitive technology to provide regulatory insights and predict risks.

Regulatory Change Management Process

Key Features

Predict360 is a governance, risk and compliance software that enables organizations in power and utilities to automate the management of compliance with regulations and standards while proactively managing risks. It meets the following capabilities and business needs for each compliance function within the organization.

Bank Enterprise Risk Management Dashboards & Reporting

Modules pre-configured for to provide a unified view of risks across all the departments through a single GRC platform.