Manage the regulatory compliance process with ease and efficiency through Predict360’s Certification and Reporting Software

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The Challenges

  • The sheer number of regulatory changes each year is a challenge for companies to demonstrate sound regulatory compliance initiatives on top of the ability to stay up-to-date with the many regulations relevant to their business needs.
  • Fundamental to regulatory compliance programs is the ability to present detailed reporting based on prescribed guidelines. Some regulatory bodies require comprehensive reporting formats while some requirements are met through filing surveys or certifications that support the accuracy and integrity of information and data.
  • Surveys and certifications for regulations such as SOX, for example, as well as company ethics and compliance policies have to be integrated with the overall compliance and regulatory reporting process.
  • Certification and reporting is a tedious process and prone to oversight.

Our Solution

With constantly changing regulations and increasing complexity of requirements, process automation is the answer to reduce man-days, increase accuracy and ensure compliance with surveys, history reports, tracking and training.

Predict360’s Certification and Reporting Software enables organizations to dynamically manage their regulatory changes. Highly customizable, it allows organizations to efficiently track regulatory approval, accreditation, renewal and licensing with multiple regulatory bodies.

Key Features

Predict360’s Certification and Reporting Software can be licensed as a standalone application or it can be part of the integrated regulatory change, risk, audit, incident, case, learning policy and procedure management software.

  • Track the effective date, renewal date, and expiration date of all permits with complete permits management. Associated reporting, measurement, and other tasks related to each permit are also tracked.
  • Stay up-to-date and ready to respond with a streamlined index of relevant regulatory websites. Allows easy identification of any new regulations or standards that have been added since the last update.
  • Captures the requirements you need to revisit and provides assistance in mapping the changes to our documentation and internal controls.
  • Flexible dashboards and reports communicate compliance status to Management, Compliance and Risk Oversight parties, effectively proving compliance and efficiently handling audits.