Manage the regulatory compliance process with ease and efficiency through Predict360’s Certification and Reporting Software

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The Challenges

  • Workplace safety is emerging as a key area of risk management and regulatory compliance. Traditional point solutions for complying with workplace and environmental health and safety requirements are giving way to enterprise-wide safety management systems. Such systems need to comply with the OSHA 29 CFR regulations and support the OHSAS 18001 framework, while providing enterprise-wide visibility into incidents and trends, corrective actions, and process metrics.

Our Solution

Predict360’s OSHA Compliance Services

Key Features

Predict360’s Certification and Reporting Software can be licensed as a standalone application or it can be part of the integrated regulatory change, risk, audit, incident, case, learning policy and procedure management software.

  • Track the effective date, renewal date, and expiration date of all permits with complete permits management. Associated reporting, measurement, and other tasks related to each permit are also tracked.
  • Stay up-to-date and ready to respond with a streamlined index of relevant regulatory websites. Allows easy identification of any new regulations or standards that have been added since the last update.
  • Captures the requirements you need to revisit and provides assistance in mapping the changes to our documentation and internal controls.
  • Flexible dashboards and reports communicate compliance status to Management, Compliance and Risk Oversight parties, effectively proving compliance and efficiently handling audits.