Optimize and Track your case management process. Accurately and efficiently distribute cases, corrective and preventive action (CAPA) to the right people, regardless of their location


The Challenges

  • With the increasingly record high number of reported fraudulent activities or observed misconduct within organizations, companies need to effectively and efficiently manage cases and investigations to avert fraud and other ethics hotline issues.
  • A rising need to conduct efficient and accurate investigations within the workplace is critical, driving companies to focus on using tools that will streamline their processes and provide consistency and accuracy in performing corrective and preventive actions at every phase of the process.
  • The lack of appropriate tools or antiquated homegrown databases for case management and reporting limit an organization’s capability to easily respond to changes and updates to regulations governing workplace ethics and compliance, such as SOX.

Our Solution

Predict360’s Case Management Software is a comprehensive solution that will streamline an organization’s ability to track CAPA through managing a wide range of incidents and issues with configurable workflows and forms. Examples include fraud hotline tips, workplace investigation, quality management, incident management, task management, whistle blowing and legal.

It enables organizations to track changing regulatory requirements and update all compliance-related activities and documents accordingly. With its unique mapping abilities, Predict360 automates the process of determining the effects of the changed requirements.

Key Features

Predict360’s Case Management Software licensable as a standalone web-based application or as part of a highly integrated regulatory change management, risk management, audit, policy, procedures, competency and learning management solution.

  • Enhances case and incident visibility. Track progress of investigations and cases. Receive e-mail reminders on incident(s). Map remediation of potential cases to specific business objectives, standards and regulations. Track and record resolution actions for compliance reporting and audit findings.
  • Included risk assessment surveys for audit based risk management that help assess risks in all GRC functional areas such as financial, operational, IT, brand, competency, internal audit, quality management, regulatory compliance and reputation with the ability to execute corrective and preventive actions directly from the results.
  • Anonymous Compliant or Incident reporting to augment your current whistle blowing process.
  • Role-based security allows organizations to securely store sensitive incident information and related documentation.
  • Business process workflow with an integrated risk management methodology enabling risk managers and executives to create a risk-based culture through enforcement and accountability.
  • Links incident investigations to applicable regulations, standards and business requirements providing evidence of compliance and supporting an “audit ready” state.
  • Embedded Root Cause Analysis (RCA) which allows generation of accurate regulatory compliance reports.
  • Configurable reporting enables the creation of custom reports and monitor trends based on the type of industry you are in for fraud hotline tips, fraud management, workplace investigation, quality management, incident management, task management, whistle blowing and legal case management.
  • Configurable workflows allows organizations to build the exact worflow to suit their business needs.