Predict360′s Competency Management System (CMS) is the most unique and widely used competency management web based software. This module can be licensed as a standalone application or it can part of the integrated regulatory change, risk, audit, incident, case, learning policy and procedure management software
Predict360 streamlines Competency Management System (CMS) through a disciplined approach to workforce development.

Predict360′s competency management, assessment, gap analysis and reporting tool, provides real-time performance indicators to ensure the competency management system implementation is workforce development goals. Competency management system allows employees to complete self assessments, enables supervisors to complete assessments of their direct reports, and makes it easy for managers to see the competence level of the entire organization with one click.

Predict360′s Competency Management System includes key features such as

  • Ability to manage regulations, laws , statues, standards and requirement to maintain regulatory approval, accreditation, approval, renewal and licensing
  • Customized to the goals and culture of each organization,
  • Competency management system ensures clients meet their strategic objectives by maximizing their workforce potential.
  • Ensures employees are properly trained and competent in performing their assigned job tasks.
  • Competency Management System process consists of four integrated elements:

    1. Planning 2. Design Phase 3. Gap Analysis 4. Implementation Phase

  • Competency models enables to assess existing employees against their specified job competencies, identify gaps, and then design a custom training program for each individual.
  • Competency models enables to build a structured employee development program based on entry level job competence requirements.