4 12, 2014


November 20, 2014 (Thursday) 2 PM CSTA number of recent incidents in various parts of the world have highlighted the increasing importance of effective Process Safety Management (PSM). This webinar presents a high-level overview of OSHA’s PSM requirements as well as real-world examples of how companies handle compliance.

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25 10, 2013

Automate Your Dodd Frank Readiness through GRC Software

After registering, click “View Meeting Information;” you’ll have the option to add the webinar to your calendar and view the meeting agenda

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26 09, 2013

Element 10 – Emergency Response & Control

Learn what training will increase your emergency action plan success. There is one simple item that most emergency drills do not contain that will get you in regulatory trouble.

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29 08, 2013

Elements 8 & 9- Mechanical Integrity & Pre-Startup Review

Certain areas of your operations are required to have proper and adequate operating procedures in place. Contractor safety evaluations are one of the main reasons SEMS came to be. Learn how this tedious necessity can become streamlined.

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8 07, 2013

Element 5 & 6 – Operating Procedures & Safe Work Practices

Become part of the SEMS proactive environment and stay off of the BSEE radar. If you have any questions you would like to submit prior to this presentation, or if you wish to attend but cannot make the scheduled time, please email the webinar coordinator, Brittney Alexander, brittney.alexander@360training.com, and she will send you a link to the recorded version within 2-3 business following the webinar.

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