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16 10, 2019

How to Automate Compliance Monitoring & Testing (QC) While Creating Business Value

Today’s compliance stakeholders expect more than status updates on completed activities. Innovative compliance professionals are focusing on improving compliance monitoring and testing processes to consistently deliver more accurate and insightful results, while at the same time reducing the costs and time required.

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11 10, 2019

OCEG – How Banks Can Better Identify, Predict and Mitigate Emerging Risks

360factors, the technology leader in GRC, is presenting a webinar titled “How Banks Can Better Identify, Predict and Mitigate Emerging Risks”. In this webinar 360factors discusses the importance of evolving risk reporting and management by adding risk insights and predictive analytics into banks’ compliance and risk arsenals.

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3 09, 2019

How Banks Can Better Identify, Predict and Mitigate Emerging Risks

As a thought-leader in the GRC space and an ABA endorsed solution provider, 360factors will discuss how you can transform your risk management and reporting by injecting risk insights and predictive analytics into your current risk management reporting.

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30 04, 2019

From Whiteboard to Boardroom: Driving Compliance & Risk Technology Investment in Your Organization

Risk and compliance professionals know the importance of proactivity and staying ahead of emerging risks and changing regulations with an ever-increasing workload. The challenge is that leadership needing to approve the procurement and implementation of new tools and technology to stay ahead may not understand the importance of this type of investment as they are removed from the daily activity that drives results in this area.

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13 03, 2019

Top 10 Risk Management Trends for 2019

360factors has joined banking and financial sector stakeholders to investigate risk management strategies and priorities for 2019. During this webinar Robert Berger, VP of Sales, will explore the following topics:

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