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Increasing regulatory pressure is leading to a huge surge in compliance and risk jobs

The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry of Australia is having a direct effect on the number of job advertisements being posted for risk and compliance jobs. This phenomenon is not unique to Australia – similar bumps in job advertisements have been seen all around the world due to regulatory press [...]

Technology Based Perception of Enterprise Risk Management

The way we perceive things and the way we talk about them affects how we treat them. There is an Australian Aboriginal language called Guugu Yimithirr which has no words for left or right directions. They don’t even have the concept in their language. Instead, everything is based on north, south, east, and west, meaning instead of using directions dependin [...]

Holistic risk and compliance management

If organizations want to achieve better compliance and risk management, they need to change the way risk and compliance are handled within organizations. Organizations have risk and compliance departments, staffed with highly qualified people, and yet keep running into risk and compliance management related issues. The problem isn’t that their people aren [...]

The Value of Risk for Banks

Risk Management can transform risk for small to mid-sized banks. We are all aware of the negative connotations around the word ‘risk’ – it is almost always thought of as a bad thing. However, risk management solutions help change the organizational perspective on risk, and can turn it into a strong asset for any small to mid-sized bank.Risk lesson [...]

Why Automate Your Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) Functions

The world of GRC is ever evolving. With many organizations being heavily regulated, the idea of staying compliant with changing regulations, and policy & procedures is an on-going challenge. Almost daily one can come across a news item informing us of penalty or fine imposed on companies which are negligent in staying compliant with the ever changing [...]