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How Risk and Compliance Technology Can Help Mid-Sized Banks

Mid-sized banks have been managing risk and compliance through manual data entry, analysis, and reporting accomplished through general-purpose office productivity software for multiple decades. These systems always seemed to perform adequately. This has changed over the past five years – mid-sized banks across the country are now looking for modern risk and compliance technology […]

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The Importance Of Digital Risk KRIs For Mid-Sized And Community Banks

Key risk indicators are used by risk managers to assess risks and prioritize risk mitigation efforts accordingly. Tracking these indicators allows business to detect developing problems and warning signs of future issues and preemptively mitigate both. Such KRIs have been widely used in larger banks and organizations but they were often not a viable […]

Understanding The Factors for Successful Risk And Compliance Technology Implementations

While risk and compliance technology has been in use in large banks and enterprises for more than a decade, mid-size and smaller banks and financial services organizations are beginning to adopt different solutions. Risk and compliance software used to cost millions of dollars to implement and maintain. Smaller banks and businesses could not justify […]

Rethinking Risk Management For The Future of Banking

Banks have long been at the forefront of bringing economic change and growth to society. The banking system provides the services that enable businesses to reach customers, expand business, make payments, manage accounts, and much more. Playing such a critical role means that the banking industry needs to be always ready to meet new […]

Managing Risk and Compliance tasks when the Team is Working From Home

The sudden shift to working from home has challenged management throughout many industries, including banking and financial services. A primary concern is that employees used to collaborating face-to-face throughout the workday can experience less productivity and effectiveness when in-person collaboration is not possible. This challenge is exacerbated in industries which require a quick response […]

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Securing the Future of your Business with Risk Assessment and Prediction Tool

Businesses across the country are facing an unprecedented amount of risk right now. Commercial activities have largely stopped as only businesses considered essential are operating. This has a direct effect on most businesses, as many businesses can no longer operate or earn a profit. It also has an indirect effect on the rest of […]