Regulatory Change Management Software

Predict360 enhances regulatory change management with regulatory change tracking, activity management, and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Regulatory Change Management Software
Regulatory Change Management Software

Change is inevitable, is your business ready?

Staying compliant with a set of regulations and laws that keep changing is difficult, unless you have the right tools. Improving and enhancing your entire process for compliance, insights, monitoring, audits, performance, and decision making are just some of the benefits provided by the Predict360 Regulatory Change Management software solution.

See how efficient your business can be when you get the latest regulatory intelligence, updates about regulatory changes, news, assessment of the impact of changes, and change activity management all under one platform.

Regulatory Change Management Software

Change Management Challenges for Business

  • Due to increasing regulations year after year, the cost of doing business has increased to an unsustainable level.
  • Antiquated governance, risk and compliance tools are ineffective in today’s sea of regulations since they were only architected for rudimentary compliance work flows.
  • The use of different tools across multiple departments increases costs, creates silos, and results in data and reports that cannot be compared or combined.
  • Silos are a major obstacle for risk and compliance executives who want to use business intelligence to make the right decisions in a timely manner.
  • Industry leaders must determine how to aggregate and roll up risks from all the departments into a holistic view of the company to create actionable intelligence
Regulatory Change Management Software

Your Business, Empowered with Change Management Automation

  • Regulatory intelligence, updates, and news from a variety of external sources all collected in one feed, so you always stay up to date
  • Intelligent parsing of regulatory updates to highlight changes and the applicability of said changes
  • An automated preliminary assessment of the impact of changes and the business units that will be affected by it based on risk mapping
  • Streamlined and automated workflows for implementing changes and complete task management for each change required
  • Automated notifications to relevant stakeholders about all related audits, policies, rules, and documents affected by changes
  • A real-time executive view of regulatory issues across the organization
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Learn More – Download a Data SheetHave a look at how the risk mapping, predictions, live holistic view, dashboards, and much more will help your business manage risk better than ever before.” to “Download a data sheet to discover how risk and control mapping, assessments automation, real-time data insights, and business intelligence empowers organizations to proactively manage risk.