Efficiently Track, Manage and Resolve Risk Issues and Incidents

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Predict360 Streamlines Incident Management While Enhancing Accountability

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Issues & Incidents Management

Real-Time, Issues and Incident Management with Audit Trails

Predict360’s Issues and Incidents Management Solution reinforces the three lines of defense of risk management by allowing organizations to monitor, manage, collect evidence, track, and collaborate on risk related issues and incidents in real-time through a centralized platform. It also enables unprecedented risk visibility for managers, providing a real-time view of all risk issues and incidents across the organization. Key features include:

  • A configurable workflow engine supports unique workflow processes for different types of issues, tasks and incidents with easy-to-use data collection forms and automated alerts.
  • Automatic notifications and due dates can be distributed via email to related parties and owners.
  • A calendar provides visibility to all risk issues being managed and their associated due dates.
  • Dashboards and reports provide complete visibility in real-time to the status of all risk issues to risk owners, risks manager, senior executives and boards of directors.
Issues & Incidents Management
Issues and Incident Management

Obstacles to Efficient Incident Management

The use of generic software tools – such as spreadsheets, email, CRMs, shared drives, and ticketing systems – often creates barriers to efficient issues and incidents management:

  • Lack of risk visibility into incident status results in unresolved incidents
  • Incidents are managed and discussed through multiple email threads, resulting in confusion and delays in issue resolution
  • Lack of prioritization in incident management can result in major incidents being ignored
  • Lack of incident categorization hides problematic trends and hides problem centers in the organization
Issues & Incidents Management

Intelligent Incident Monitoring and Resolution

Predict360 enables organizations to quickly detect incidents and take proactive measures, resulting in increased efficiency, productive collaborations, faster resolutions, and better insights into issues and incidents. Pre-defined issues types included in the Predict360 Issues and Incidents Management application include:

  • Risk-related tasks (any generic risk-related issue, task or activity)
  • Findings from regulatory examinations or agencies
  • Findings from internal or external audits
  • Risk remediation or improvement plans
  • Control improvement plans
  • Case and Investigation Management
Issues & Incidents Management

Additional Capabilities

While the issues types are provided pre-configured out-of-the-box based on industry best practices, each issue type supports the following capabilities, and these may be optionally re-configured if required:

  • Form fields and list of values configured to Licensee’s requirements
  • Workflow steps based on Licensee’s business processes and/or approval steps
  • Assignment routing and due-date notifications/escalations rules
  • Attachments and links to associated regulations, risks and documents
  • Support for multiple sub-tasks (parent-child linking)
  • Commenting/Collaboration capabilities with email notifications
  • History & activity tracking (audit trail) for evidence of compliance

In addition, the application can provide web-based form(s) to allow non-users to enter risk-related issues (both internal employees and external customers) from a standard web-page (such as internal Intranet page or the organization’s external web site) without having to log into the Predict360 system.

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