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360factors Predict360 Policy and Procedure Management Software is an artificial intelligence (AI) enabled, web based solution that ensures an organization’s policies and procedures are in compliance with the standards and regulations required by regulatory authorities.

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The Challenges:

  • Businesses must keep their policies and procedures aligned with the ever-changing legal regulations.
  • Complying with the increasing number of policies and procedures, organizations must adopt a seamless management tool to manage the complexity of policies, regulations, and procedures.
  • Failing to comply, locate, share and access confidential and important documentation from an easy-to-use centralized software platform with a friendly user-interface
  • Unable to distribute, allocate, or access control over document approvals and acknowledge workflows. Most documents get lost in routing through multiple email threads without notice

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Predict360 Policy – Provides:

  • Easy and seamless document uploads.
  • Document Management System (DMS) for important documents
  • Power User Accessibility Controls and Protocols for giving accessibility rights to users or teams to read, modify, approve or delete documents.
  • Workflow Management and Control to give approvals for any document to one or many users in a team or groups.
  • Library Management of Documents for any individual user.
  • Preconfigured Workflow Tools and Features to facilitate review, approval, check-out, modification and access of documents from a single source in a seamless way.
  • Reduce Compliance and Audit Costs with electronic signatures, revision controls, and audit trails.

Five Steps for Successful Policy and Procedure Management

Step OneStep TwoStep ThreeStep FourStep Five

Evaluate Current Policy and Procedure Management

Policy and procedure management is the creation, record-maintenance, tracking, and expiration etc. of an organization’s documents using a policy and procedure management System/Software.

Predict360 Policy allows storage and sharing of documents on the cloud and has functionalities that enable entitled administrators to manage viewing/editing rights of documents as well as maintain detailed records.

Select a Policy and Procedure Management Software

Based on Step One’s findings, select a policy and procedure management software that caters to your organization’s requirements. Most companies currently employ manual policy and procedure management processes; updating to a cloud based solution streamlines policy and procedure management and increases efficiency across the organization.

Categorize Organizational Documents

Organize all documents into categories based on many different factors; this can be by department, project, client, or permissions. Categorization facilitates data migration when implementing a new policy and procedure management solution.

Migrate Documents and Apply Metadata

Upload all documents onto the system and manage viewing/editing rights accordingly. Apply appropriate metadata (e.g. description or reference number) to each document; this helps in searching for and tracking documents quickly.

Train Staff on the New Policy and Procedure Management Software

During the implementation of the new policy and procedure management software, and for a consistent period after implementation, employees and management alike require hands-on-training of the software in order to maximize its utility and impact on achievement of organizational goals and objectives.

Learn how Predict360’s Policy and Procedure Management Software can improve your current policy and procedure process by driving success and creating efficiency in your organization. Request a Demo or sign up for a Free Trial of our Policy and Procedure Management module.

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