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Data in Products and How They Are Changing the FinTech World

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Proud to say we have another event on the roadmap and this one will be a really insightful one. The topic of this conversation will be on Data in products and how it affects the Fintech world with the agenda of:

  • How important is data to the Fintech space and what do you do to ensure you’re managing it well?
  • What Tech products have you brought or are introducing to your business that have/will change/d the way you manage data?
  • Where does Data come into your business model?
  • With the future of Fintech what trends in the data market do you see to be most impactful to the market?
  • Where do you see the Fintech space in the next 5 years?
  • Finalise conversation and an explanation from all panelists of what we can expect from them and their businesses for 2022 and onwards.

This conversation will be hosted by myself and Lyle Garza with a panel of:

Chad Anselmo from Corvia
Cathryn Peirce from Carbon Zero Financial
Jean-Philippe Desmontils from
Carl McCauley from 360Factors


Chief Risk Officer (CRO), Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), Risk EVP/VP, Compliance EVP/VP, Risk Director, Compliance Director

Event Details:

Title: Data in Products and How They Are Changing the FinTech World

Date & Time: Friday, March 11, 2022 at 15:00PM CST

Duration: 01 hr


Cathryn Peirce
Co-Founder & CEO
Carbon Zero Financial

Chad Anselmo
Chief Executive Officer

Jean-Philippe Desmontils
CTO, Co-founder

Carl McCauley
Chief Executive Officer

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