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The Necessity of Risk Monitoring and Controls Management

June 30, 2022 Christine Thomas

Risk Monitoring Overview Risk monitoring is an essential step in the overall risk management procedure. Since risk management is a perpetual and dynamic exercise, monitoring will always remain crucial in understanding the ...

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Essential Regulations for Mortgage Compliance Management

June 29, 2022 Sarah Hamilton

Mortgage compliance is critical to success for a mortgage professional, regulator, broker, lender, or regulatory attorney. Furthermore, laws change, and businesses must be ready to adjust quickly. To successfully manage regul...

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Why Digitization of Risk and Compliance Management is Necessary for the Financial Sector

June 28, 2022 Christine Thomas

The financial sector worldwide received a widespread impact due to Covid-19 and changing socio-economic conditions. Banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions must respond to issues and challenges covering poli...

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Automated Regulatory Compliance Management Trends for Banking and Fintech Services

June 22, 2022 Sarah Hamilton

When a new Fintech or any other entrant in the financial sector or existing companies plans to expand, one of the essential points to consider is dealing with regulatory compliance. The adherence to these management rules acts ...

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Fintech Compliance and Brief Review of US Fintech Regulations in 2022

June 17, 2022 Christine Thomas

Fintech compliance means following the rules and regulations to guide business models and related financial technologies. These guidelines protect investors' capital and consumer interest in usage. Before designing these regula...

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FinTech Compliance Concerns – Oversight and Best Practices to Reduce Risks

June 17, 2022 Sarah Hamilton

FinTech has opened doors for innovative products and services in the financial sector. However, it has also brought its set of challenges and issues for firms related to the FinTech industry. While banks and financial institu...

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