How Regulatory Change Management Technology Is Changing Banking

Posted by: Paul Dempsey | January 15, 2019

Regtech – information technology solutions that focus on regulatory change management – continues to grow into a dominant force in the world of banking. Regtech is now being covered by mainstream media outlets such as the Guardian and Business Insider, because…

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Five Steps Towards a Better Risk Management Framework

Posted by: Robert Berger | January 14, 2019

Every business wants to improve their risk management framework. While managing the current risks is a good short-term objective, in the long-term businesses need an approach that will help them mitigate all future risks as well. Creating such a framework is easier said than done. It requires taking a…

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Four Ways Internal Audit Software Can Help Your Business

Posted by: Bobby O'Neal | January 11, 2019

Internal audits are a necessary part of doing business in the financial sector. Businesses need to perform these audits if they want to ensure that they are performing at their best and there aren’t any risks they may have overlooked. Businesses are also required to perform these audits by…

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Why Businesses Struggle with Cyber Security Management

Posted by: Robert Berger | January 10, 2019

The rise of eCommerce and our dependency on information technology to conduct business means that every business now takes cyber security seriously. Yet, the cyber security threat keeps growing, and the number of businesses attacked also goes up every year. Why does this happen? Why are businesses vulnerable to…

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Change Management Plans for Expanding a Financial Business to a New Region

Posted by: Paul Dempsey | January 8, 2019

When any business moves into a new region it has to ensure that it complies with all the local laws and regulations. Most businesses can move easily – most industries are not heavily regulated, and thus the business can continue operations with minor changes and considerations in most cases….

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Bringing Quantitative Risk Analysis to Enterprise Risk Management

Posted by: Robert Berger | December 27, 2018

Quantitative risk analysis (also referred to as assessment) has been an important tool in the financial industry for a long time. In quantitative risk assessment all the risks are quantified, as the name suggests, which makes the risk management process more objective and manageable.

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