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Evolving Bank Risk Monitoring and Controls Through Technology

Posted by: Andrew Hunt | February 25, 2020

There is often a lot of frustration attached to the risk management functions in an organization. A mistake in managing risks can have significant consequences for an organization which is why risk management is a critical…

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How Automated Risk Assessment is Changing Risk Management

Posted by: Sarah Hamilton | February 19, 2020

Risk managers know that the complexity of their responsibilities means that they need to use the best tools available. The first few information technology solutions available to businesses were not designed to manage risks, but risk managers took these tools and used them to improve…

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Generating Business Intelligence Through Better Risk and Compliance Management

Posted by: Andrew Hunt | February 12, 2020

Risk and compliance are important for the upper echelon of any organization – in the context of something that needs to be managed. There is a lot of focus on how a business can improve the way it ensures compliance and enhance the way it…

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Revolutionizing Risk Assessments with Automated Control Management

Posted by: Sarah Hamilton | February 10, 2020

Control management and controls are an integral part of the line of defense in any organization’s risk framework. It is impossible to avoid risks, because every action taken has an inherent risk. Businesses thus need to ensure that they are managing risks through different mitigation…

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The 10 Step Guide to Acquiring Risk and Compliance Technology

Posted by: Andrew Hunt | January 31, 2020

Risk and compliance software solutions that connect related data, automate workflow processes and accountability, and provide real-time reporting have become an operational and competitive necessity for small and medium sized banks. However, many mid-size banks and financial services organizations find the process of selecting and…

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From Automation to Accountability: How Today’s Technology Manages End-to-End Regulatory Change Management

Posted by: Sarah Hamilton | January 28, 2020

Regulatory change management lies at the intersection of several risk, compliance, and legal avenues. It involves audits, compliance documentation, risk management, change management, and other business processes. Many of today’s technology-based regulatory change management solutions provide data customization and delivery automation for…

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