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2022 – A Landmark Year for Regulatory Change in Banking and Financial Services

January 21, 2022 Christine Thomas

Regulatory change Management (RCM) has never been easy for financial institutions, and its complexity is increasing in 2022. This year is poised to be the year of significant regulatory change at the federal and state level. ...

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How Risk and Compliance Technology Makes FIs More Secure

January 11, 2022 Andrew Hunt

Data security is essential for all businesses, but its criticality is increased manifold in the financial sector. Financial Institutions (FIs) have access to private details of their clients to a level comparable only to th...

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How Compliance and Risk Technology Enhances Collaboration Throughout the Organization

January 6, 2022 Sarah Hamilton

Employees at various levels within the organization have diverse responsibilities regarding risk and compliance management. Still, each of them must perform their assigned duties to minimize risks and assure compliance success...

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Choosing the Right Risk and Compliance Technology Implementation

December 23, 2021 Christine Thomas

Businesses in the risk and compliance technology implementation phase should evaluate a variety of variables when selecting the optimal solution for their firm. This encompasses cost, usefulness, efficiency, and return on inve...

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Giving Banks a Competitive Edge with Risk and Compliance Technology

December 22, 2021 Andrew Hunt

Frontend technology has quickly become the new frontier for banks looking for a competitive edge over other banks in the area. Customers want better and faster services, which is why banks and financial institutions are focusi...

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Four Simple Steps to Boost Compliance Management

December 16, 2021 Sarah Hamilton

A recent survey by ACAMS (Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists) revealed how businesses, mostly financial institutions (71% of the respondents belonged to BFSI), are managing compliance and the challen...

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