The 4 Necessary Components of A Sustainable Risk Management Framework

Posted by: Bobby O'Neal | June 11, 2019

Predict360 Enterprise Risk Management Risk management isn’t something that can be focused on once or for a specified time period – it is a continuous process that always needs to run optimally. This is also why getting consistent improvement in managing risks can be such a struggle for businesses - it requires constant vigilance and commitment throughout the year. Most businesses have dedicated risk management framework personnel and these personnel act as the only defense the business has against risks. We do not believe that this arrangement is…

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The 3 Questions The DOJ Wants You To Answer About Your Compliance Program

Posted by: Robert Berger | May 24, 2019

Predict360 Compliance Management System The US Department of Justice has recently updated their criteria for the evaluation of corporate compliance programs. The new updates are in line with a trend we have seen in other parts of the regulatory framework – a shift towards evaluating compliance programs instead of simply evaluating compliance performance. There was recently a joint statement released by federal regulators which encouraged a focus on improving the compliance framework itself, and now we see that…

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Do Your Organization’s Compliance Officers Have The Compliance Tools They Need?

Posted by: Bobby O'Neal | May 22, 2019

Predict360 Compliance Management System We all expect the highest level of performance from the compliance departments within our organization. Compliance is critical to any business in a regulated industry, and a misstep in compliance can cause significant damage to the business, its reputation, cash flow, and even its ability to make its own decisions. Everyone knows this importance, yet most compliance officers don’t seem to have the compliance tools that they need. The perils of off-the-shelf general-purpose software Most business provide their risk and compliance departments with general-purpose software such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. Now don’t get us wrong –…

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4 Steps to Improve Compliance Management

Posted by: Robert Berger | May 15, 2019

Predict360 Compliance Management System The necessity of compliance management ensures that businesses take it seriously. However, many businesses end up not being satisfied with the results. No matter how many resources they dedicate to managing compliance, the results seem to stay the same. That happens because managing compliance isn’t simply a process that can be improved by increasing the employees working on it – there are diminishing returns in increasing compliance personnel….

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Does Your Business Have a Proactive Risk Management Program?

Posted by: Bobby O'Neal | April 25, 2019

Predict360 Enterprise Risk Management Risk management is a core component in the financial sector which is why almost every business in the sector has a risk management team. However, most businesses do not have a proactive risk management program. There is a general perception that risk management is fueled simply by passion and dedication – that all we need to improve the way risks are managed is to…

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Geopolitics, Sanctions, And The Changing Role Of Compliance Management

Posted by: Robert Berger | April 23, 2019

Predict360 Compliance Management System Compliance management right now is more complicated than it has ever historically been. There was a time when compliance was relatively simple as the number of regulations that governed banking and finance were low. It is hard to imagine a time without AML/BSA legislation because of how prevalent they are and how important it is to comply with them, but the first…

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