Latest Sanctions on ISIS Affiliates Highlights the Role of AML/BSA Compliance in Anti-Terrorism

Posted by: Robert Berger | April 22, 2019

Predict360 Compliance Management System The U.S. Treasury has recently added 6 more names to its list of sanctioned entities, all of them affiliated with the Rawi Network and known to launder money for ISIS. This action further highlights the crucial role AML compliance plays in the anti-terrorism efforts around the world. This is also why AML/BSA compliance has increased in importance exponentially in the past few decades. When we look at why these laws were created and how their role has changed over the past few years it is easy to understand why the government is so adamant at enforcing AML/BSA laws and regulations. Why AML Laws were created AML/BSA regulations were created with very different goals in mind. The first AML/BSA law was created in 1986 (PDF link) and…

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Minimizing Internal Audit Risk Factors

Posted by: Bobby O'Neal | April 19, 2019

Predict360 Audit Management Software Internal audit is considered an integral part of management and a fundamental element of corporate governance. The dynamic changes of the world economy, the new tools and the new directions of internal audit development are useful for management and give added value to organizations. These factors have given rise to a new image of the auditor, a figure endowed with a wide range of skills and good practices adapted to the needs of the…

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Workflow Management Software for Growing Businesses

Posted by: Robert Berger | April 17, 2019

Predict360 Policy & Procedure Management Software It is easier to manage work when the business is small but as the business grows things get more complicated. Many business owners struggle with the growth phase. They are happy that the business is growing but they can see that they are losing control over the many business processes that made their business a success. That is where workflow management software can help. Why do things spiral out of control? The growth of a business can be a humbling experience for the business owner. While they are happy about the success, they also get…

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Improving the Enterprise Cyber Risk Management Framework

Posted by: Bobby O'Neal | April 11, 2019

Predict360 Cyber Security Management System Everyone understands the importance of cyber security. We live in the age of information and communication, where every business uses digital communication channels. Businesses use these channels to transmit and store highly confidential business and customer data. A breach here can result in heavy monetary losses, penalties, loss of reputation, and most importantly, the loss of loyal customers. Cyber risk management, however, has not become as popular…

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Compliance, Regulations, and Born Digital Competitors of Banks

Posted by: Robert Berger | April 8, 2019

Predict360 Regulatory Change Management Most people do not realize how important banks are to our economic system. For most of us banks are simply businesses that allow us to store our wealth and get loans and mortgages when needed. Banks play the crucial role of investing capital – which is crucial in a capitalist system. Banks allow people to create and grow businesses, they allow people to create retirement…

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Enhancing Document Management Workflow Through Technology

Posted by: Bobby O'Neal | April 5, 2019

Predict360 Policy and Procedure Management System Document management workflow is one of those things which people don’t realize they are missing until they see it in action. This is a reaction we are used to when we demo the Predict360 Policy and Procedure management system, which contains a comprehensive document management system. When…

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