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Communication Challenges in Risk and Compliance Management

April 9, 2021 Sarah Hamilton

Many organizations find that when they audit a risk or compliance issue to discover the root cause, the main issue is often found that the right information was not communicated to all the involved parties. Wrong decisions ...

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How Modern Compliance Platforms Help Compliance Executives Succeed

March 31, 2021 Andrew Hunt

Modern compliance solutions are focused on helping compliance managers deliver enhanced compliance performance in the financial sector. The costs associated with implementing compliance technology have decreased in the past...

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The Role of Risk and Compliance Managers in Bank Transformations

March 31, 2021 Christine Thomas

The banking industry is undergoing a paradigm shift thanks to technological advancements and cultural forces that are changing the way people and the economy interact with banks. Risk managers and compliance managers are at ...

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Creating Synergy in Risk and Compliance Services and Technology

March 29, 2021 Sarah Hamilton

There is a common misconception that technological progress is merely linear – that advancements are made possible only when new technology is introduced. While modern technologies are essential for progress, there is anoth...

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Transforming Your Risk Management Framework with Risk Libraries

March 19, 2021 Andrew Hunt

An organization needs to be aware of a risk in order to assess, track, manage, and mitigate the risk. The issue is that oftentimes an organization may realize too late that there was a risk that is overlooked. As the famous s...

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How the Modern Approach to Risk Management Evolved

March 17, 2021 Sarah Hamilton

It is no secret that risk managers are now using risk technology more than ever before. While this paradigm shift is widely known, the unknown is ‘why this paradigm shift is happening.’ It is true that risk management t...

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