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Does Your Bank Need a Software Tool or a Solution Approach?

Posted by: Sarah Hamilton | December 19, 2019

In this era of information technology (IT), banking and financial institutions, in order to stay competitive, organizations are expecting to gain maximum advantage of rapidly advancing innovations in the IT industry. Due to competition, they are adopting Software and Solutions rapidly in their business processes to…

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Using Internal and External Data for Risk Insights and Predictions

Posted by: Andrew Hunt | December 17, 2019

Risk mitigation is a critical and complex process. A risk needs to be identified in time to be properly mitigated before it negatively impacts the bottom line of the business. While having real-time knowledge of emerging risks for all business units…

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Using Key Risk Indicators for Enhanced Risk Predictions

Posted by: Sarah Hamilton | December 17, 2019

Key risk indicators (KRIs) can provide your organization with risk insights and predictions. KRIs are common in the financial sector and are increasingly being used in other industries as well. Our risk insights tool

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Automating RCSA for Enterprise Risk Management

Posted by: Andrew Hunt | November 27, 2019

RCSA (Risk Control Self-Assessment) reports are critical to managing and mitigating risks across the organization but are often challenging to conduct and report on efficiently. The RCSA process requires each business unit to complete self-assessment reports and submit them to risk managers, who then often…

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Key Metrics for Improving Risk and Compliance Program Performance

Posted by: Sarah Hamilton | November 27, 2019

Compliance and risk performance is often measured by the financial penalties or losses that were prevented or realized; however, relying on this set of metrics can hide a more comprehensive view of risk and compliance program…

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Improving Risk and Compliance in 2020 While staying within the Budget

Posted by: Sarah Hamilton | November 15, 2019

As the year ends, managers are working on creating plans and strategies for 2020 and finalizing the budget for the next year. Risk and compliance managers want access to the latest risk and compliance technology that…

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