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Refinitiv AutoAudit Internal Auditing Software

Strengthen Your Organization:

  • Empower Consistency & Accountability
  • Enhance Efficiencies & Remove Redundancies
  • Generate Professional, World-Class Reports

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Internal Auditing Software

Maximize the Insight Your Internal Audit Team Delivers

Today’s headlines are full of organizations where risks slip through the cracks, processes break down, and controls collapse. Internal audit teams are under pressure like never before to provide robust and independent assurance and actionable insight. Refinitiv AutoAudit Internal Auditing Software empowers organizations to:

  • Eliminate manual tasks
  • Enrich dialog with key stakeholders
  • Enhance audit quality
  • Deepen engagement with your board audit committee
  • Propel business operational excellence
  • Detect emerging risks

Auto Planning – Essential, Visual, and Repeatable

  • Visually outline audit milestones, hour estimates and review historical actuals to influence decisions.
  • Templates promote repeatable success strategies, optimizing work capacity, audit frequency, and resource allocation.
  • Save time by copying audits and tailoring them to reflect evolving requirements.
Internal Auditing Software

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Refinitiv AutoAudit Internal Auditing Software

Maximize the Insight Your Internal Audit Team Delivers

Internal Auditing Software

Fieldwork – Straightforward Success Using Familiar Platforms

  • Tightly integrated with MS Office and Windows; Auditors are confident on day one.
  • Intuitively document details, upload supporting documents, follow checklists, and evidence progress.
  • Work remotely or from the office, travel replica functionality supports flexibility.
Internal Auditing Software
Internal Auditing Software

Scalable Reporting – from Detailed to Executive

  • ‘SNAP! Reporter’ – a reporting technology, is seamlessly integrated throughout AutoAudit.
  • Quickly and confidently create actionable graphs and place them into management, audit reports, and presentations.
  • Interactive capabilities provide executives on-demand access to the source of report data.
Internal Auditing Software

AutoAudit Internal Auditing Software Key Features

  • Risk Assessment: Evaluate Potential Vulnerabilities
  • Planning and Scheduling: Efficiently Plan and Schedule Audits
  • Audit Execution and Evidencing
  • Action Plan & Issue Tracking: Issue Management and Remediation
  • Reporting: Real-Time Reporting via SNAP! Reports and Audit Committee Reporting
Internal Auditing Software

Why Choose AutoAudit Internal Auditing Software?

Used by hundreds of organizations worldwide, the AutoAudit software solution improves the efficiency of the internal audit process. It offers enterprises of all sizes a structured approach to scoping and conducting audits. It is a secure audit automation tool that is fast to implement, simple to maintain, and seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office. A trusted solution for over 20 years — designed by auditors, for auditors. This powerful application automates the audit process, empowering consistency and transparency across the features.

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