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Elevate Audit, Engage Stakeholders, Empower the Business

Empowered Systems AutoAudit - Internal Auditing Software

Automates the Audit Process, Driving Consistency and Transparency Across the Organization

ABA Endorsed Solution Provider for Risk and Compliance Management

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Empowered Systems AutoAudit

Maximize the Insight Your Internal Audit Team Delivers

Today’s headlines are full of organizations where risks slip through the cracks, processes break down, and controls collapse. Internal audit teams are under pressure to provide robust and independent assurance and actionable insight like never before. Empowered Systems AutoAudit Internal Auditing Software empowers organizations to:

  • Eliminate manual tasks
  • Enrich dialog with key stakeholders
  • Enhance audit quality
  • Deepen engagement with your board audit committee
  • Propel business operational excellence
  • Detect emerging risks
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Empowered Systems AutoAudit

Features of Empowered Systems AutoAudit

Empowered Systems AutoAudit empowers consistency and transparency of your organization’s audit efforts. Some of the features AutoAudit software include:

  • Identifying risk criteria and scheduling audits for risk assessment
  • Streamlining data from legacy solutions to assign and define audit milestones for the team
  • Audit execution to highlight gaps and record activities through checklists
  • Action plan and issue tracking with tailored emails and notifications
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Auto Audit reporting templates for better transparency between auditors and committee

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Empowered Systems AutoAudit Internal Auditing Software

Maximize the Insight Your Internal Audit Team Delivers

Internal Auditing Software
Empowered Systems AutoAudit

Empowered Systems AutoAudit Desktop Application

AutoAudit desktop application provides templates and models to make a consistent audit methodology. With the data import and export function, the AutoAudit desktop allows easy data retrieval to adapt to any audit structure and automated processing or risk assessment features.


  • Fast implementation of an average of 10-days so you can get your system up and running
  • Comes equipped with tailored virtual training to build confidence and ease in learning
  • Low-cost solution with complementary upgrades and no hidden fee
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Internal Auditing Software

Empowered Systems AutoAudit Cloud Version

The cloud version of Empowered Systems AutoAudit enables users to elevate audit functions to deliver value and engage stakeholders throughout the audit lifecycle. Enrich your business to bring positive changes according to a strategic approach.


  • Align your goals with the core compatibility of AutoAudit’s functions and themes
  • Adapt a comprehensive cloud solution to enhance team success
  • Evolve your audit functions according to industry changes and adaptations
Empowered Systems AutoAudit

Why Choose AutoAudit Internal Auditing Software?

Hundreds of organizations worldwide use the AutoAudit software solution to improve the efficiency of the internal audit process. It offers enterprises of all sizes a structured approach to scoping and conducting audits. It is a secure audit automation tool that is fast to implement, simple to maintain, and seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office. A trusted solution for over 20 years — designed by auditors, for auditors. This powerful application automates the audit process, empowering consistency and transparency across the features.

Why Choose 360factors?

360factors empowers organizations to accelerate profitability, innovation, and productivity by predicting risks and streamlining compliance.

Complete GRC

Complete GRC

All the GRC tools you need integrated in one solution
Basic to Enterprise

Basic to Enterprise

From simple risk assessment to complete risk register and control testing
Speed & Execution

Speed & Execution

Insights into your risk program & control effectiveness
Fast Implementation

Fast Implementation

The cloud-based solution can be integrated within days
Flexible and Modular

Flexible and Modular

Pick the modules you need for your business
Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Automation and an intuitive interface ensure ease of use
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