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Enhance Your Risk Management Program with over 800 Risks across Typical Banking Categories

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ABA Risk Library

Jumpstart Your Digital Risk Framework With ABA Risk Library

The ABA Risk library is a collection of over 800 risks across the typical banking risk categories including credit, operational and strategic risks that are based on ABA’s industry-leading Risk Management training courses and certificate programs. ABA members can access ABA’s Risk Library within Predict360 at no additional cost.

This library of banking risks is pre-loaded into and distributed directly within Predict360, 360factors’ ABA-endorsed Risk and Compliance Software platform for banks, and helps banks improve their risk coverage and identify missing gaps in their risk assessments while offering a fast and efficient way to onboard quickly within Predict360 with industry best practices content provided by ABA.

Additionally, ABA Members using Predict360 who desire training and context on banking risks taught by industry risk leaders can obtain training via the ABA Risk Management online courses, and that training will be consistent with the risk library delivered within Predict360. As ABA updates their risk management training courses with new strategies for identifying, monitoring, and managing risks, those updates are distributed automatically to Predict360 customers using the ABA Risk Library.

ABA Risk Library

Upgrade Your RCSA Program with the Predict360 Pre-Populated Risk Assessments Solution

Predict360’s risk control self assessment solutions enable banks and financial organizations to manage risks using proven enterprise risk management techniques such as risk control self assessment to capture inherent and residual risk ratings and controls as well as additional details including risk owners, risk type, management comments, monetary impact and more. Manage your financial institutions’ RCSA program more quickly and effectively with a combined solution that offers the following Predict360 functionality and libraries.


  • Risk Library (Taxonomy / Catalog Management)
  • Risk Register (Inventory)
  • Risk and Control Self Assessment (RCSA) and Risk Reviews
  • Built-In Task Management to Make RCSAs Actionable
  • Risk Reports and Dashboards
  • The ABA Risk Library and 360factors Community Compliance Library – over 1600 banking risks included and preloaded at no additional cost to jumpstart your risk management program!
ABA Risk Library

The ABA Risk Library Experience

Listen to a podcast hosted by ABA’s Senior Vice President of Risk and Compliance Markets, Ryan Rasske, featuring Carl McCauley, CEO 360factors for an insightful and in-depth conversation about the capabilities of the ABA risk library and how it will help Predict360 members improve their risk management framework. The discussion also talks about how existing Predict360 customers that are ABA members can instantly access the risk library and integrate all the risks within their own platform.

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Learn More – Download a Data SheetHave a look at how the risk mapping, predictions, live holistic view, dashboards, and much more will help your business manage risk better than ever before.” to “Download a data sheet to discover how risk and control mapping, assessments automation, real-time data insights, and business intelligence empowers organizations to proactively manage risk.