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Predict360 Third Party & FinTech Partner Compliance

Ensure Compliance, Certifications, and Manage Risks for Third Parties and FinTech Partners

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Predict360 Third Party & FinTech Partner Compliance

Third Party Fintech Governance to Enhance Your Organization’s Security and Performance

Fintech services and businesses are delivering innovating solutions to customers, often partnering with banks to deliver financial services in a secure and compliant manner. The Predict360 Third Party Governance platform enables banks to ensure compliance and manage risks when working with third parties to deliver financial services and expertise.

Predict360’s Third Party Governance platform enables financial technology firms and the banks that serve them to control and monitor all of their third-party relationships on a single platform. For streamlined communication with Third Party Fintech partners to register, track, escalate, and manage complaints, ad reviews, change requests, and monitoring activities that the bank is ultimately responsible for through the relationship.

Predict360 Third Party & FinTech Partner Compliance

Challenges in Working with Digital-Born Third Parties

  • The existing risk and compliance management framework in most financial organizations was not designed to work with Fintech services and delivery channels.
  • Third parties are often unaware of all the legal and regulatory requirements that need to be fulfilled and need to be supported to ensure compliance.
  • Organizing all of the third-party risk and compliance data in spreadsheets and documents is a time-consuming operation.
  • Modern Fintech operations move at a faster pace than many traditional banking operations, which reduces the time available to ensure compliance and manage risks.
  • The application provides a scalable system to document and collaborate with Fintech Partners supporting each step in the maturity of collaboration between organizations: from simple compliance activity registration through a web-form to bi-directional collaboration in a dedicated compliance management system.
Predict360 Third Party & FinTech Partner Compliance


  • Ensure that the products and services provided by the third-party vendors comply with applicable laws, regulations, and standards
  • Ensure third party complaints management, detect problematic trends in Fintech services, and monitor performance in real time
  • Automate workflow processes to collect information from third parties and/or Fintech partners
  • Drive the workflow for review and approval of this information such as ad reviews or change requests
  • Categorize the type and level of risk for each vendor or third-party
  • Create, assign, track and manage any action item or task related to a vendor or a third-party including managing the ad review process and monitoring of social media, marketing and call centers
Predict360 Third Party & FinTech Partner Compliance

Key Features

  • External webforms for easy and intuitive communication from each Fintech to the bank
  • A configurable workflow engine that supports unique workflow processes for different types of Third Party/Fintech Partners with easy-to-use data collection forms and automated alerts.
  • Automatic notifications and due dates can be distributed via email to related parties and owners.
  • A calendar provides visibility to all compliance issues being managed and associated due dates.
  • Reporting platform to drive insight across fintech partners and identify or diagnosis problem areas across Fintech product providers
  • Dashboards and reports provide complete visibility in real-time to the status of all compliance-related issues to compliance owners, manager, senior executives and boards members.
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