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Track, Manage and Resolve Customer Issues and Complaints with Ease

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Predict360 Streamlines Complaints Management While Elevating Accountability

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Customers Using Predict360's AI-Powered Solutions

Complaints Management

Real-Time, Accountable Issues and Complaints Management

Predict360’s Issues and Complaints Management Solution provides first, second and third lines of defense the ability to more quickly and efficiently manage, track, collect evidence and collaborate on all compliance-related tasks, activities, issues and complaints in real-time. Managers are provided with a holistic and real-time view of all compliance issues and tasks across the organization by site, by business unit, and by regulation. Key features include:

  • Dynamic Dashboards with configurable views and segmentation
  • Trend analysis to uncover complaints and issues insights
  • Follow-up and resolution tracking for individual complaints
  • Audit trails for enhanced accountability
  • Progress tracking to monitor investigations and follow-up actions
  • External complaint forms that auto-route to your compliance team and relevant stakeholders
  • Priority ratings and automated notifications for critical information
Complaints Management

Obstacles to Effective Complaints Management

The use of disparate software tools – such as email, spreadsheets, shared drives, CRM and ticketing systems, etc. – often create barriers to effective issues and complaints program management:

  • Lack of visibility into issue status results in missed unresolved complaints
  • Complaints managed via multiple email threads creates confusion and delays across departments and between employees
  • Manual complaints prioritization means that larger problems may be missed while smaller issues are being fixed
  • Lack of efficient issue categorization can hide emerging problems, for example a business unit that has an atypically high number of complaints
Complaints Management

Proactive Investigation & Resolution

Taking a proactive approach enables organizations to increase efficiency, decrease resolution times, collaborate more effectively, and achieve insight into issues and complaints trends.

  • Smart categorization enables businesses to classify complaints according to multiple criterion
  • Capture submission date, due date, assignee, resolution date, submission source, & communicate or provide next steps in comments
  • Initiate investigation workflows and/or close complaints
  • Enable collaboration between the first, second and third lines
  • Filter issues and complaints with real-time operational dashboards, including those with high priority or overdue action items
  • Immediately find and diagnose that status of any logged complaint or issue with Advanced Search
  • Capture complaints via highly configurable internal system forms and external webforms
  • Initiate, manage and close investigations. Once an investigation is initiated, editing and commenting provides updates and becomes part of the audit trail.
Complaints Management

Business Intelligence and Insights with Predict360

  • Control Information can be captured in a summary control text field or as individual control items with attributes including efficacy, implementation percentage and weight to calculate the effectiveness a control has on managing a particular risk.
  • Functionality linking multiple controls to a single risk and/or a single control linked to multiple risks is supported.
  • Using the efficacy, implemented % and weight, a current risk rating is calculated and updated in real-time to identify controls that are operating outside tolerance levels. Those values can be updated any time that an incident occurs or control tests fail to instantly flag emerging risks to the enterprise.
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