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Regulatory Compliance Management

Regulatory Compliance Management

The Predict360 Regulatory Compliance Management Suite brings together next-gen regulatory change management technology, real-time regulatory intelligence, and repositories of vital regulatory data to help transform and optimize your organization’s regulatory compliance framework. The tools, plugins, and repositories included in the suite can be used in tandem for regulatory compliance or can be integrated into the Predict360 Risk and Compliance Intelligence suite.

The Regulatory Compliance Management Suite includes:

  • Regulatory Change Management
  • Regulatory Intelligence
  • Regulatory Repository
  • CFR Library
  • Compliance Advisory Services
Regulatory Compliance Management

Regulatory Change Management

Predict360’s Regulatory Change Management application enables organizations to track regulatory requirements, updates, changes, news and notifications, and then manage all activities and documents associated with those regulatory changes across the organization.

With its unique mapping abilities and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, Predict360 streamlines the process of regulatory change management (RCM) with enhanced regulatory knowledge, impact assessments, and change management workflows.

Regulatory Compliance Management

Regulatory Knowledge

  • Providing a “news feed” that can display news and notification updates from a variety of external sources, including third parties such as (available pre-configured as part of the optional Regulatory Intelligence (News & Notifications Feed) content plug-in), Thomson Reuters, Wolters Kluwer, RSS feeds, email-based notifications and any other information that the organization may want to automatically or manually load into the Predict360 solution.
  • Providing a mechanism to document if the change is applicable for the organization and providing an audit history of when the assessment was performed, by whom and if the change was applicable to the organization.
  • If applicable to the organization, automatically initiating a regulatory change workflow process to determine the impact and manage the project plan to implement this change.
Regulatory Compliance Management

Impact Assessment

  • Visually identifying what has changed between versions of the regulatory text
  • Summarizing what needs to be completed based on wording in the regulatory text
  • Providing a central repository for any research performed on this regulatory change, such as regulatory change guidance and summary documents, industry association newsletters and links to web sites with information regarding the regulatory change.
  • Determining what artifacts within the organization may be impacted by those changes, such as policy & procedure documents, training classes, risks, controls, assessment checklists, compliance monitoring & testing activities, audits and/or any compliance activities within the organization that is related to this regulation.
Regulatory Compliance Management

Change Management Workflows

  • Creating and managing the implementation/project plan and all associated tasks and activities, including coordinating activities across the entire organization, business units and product lines. Due dates, notifications/escalations and assignment of sub-tasks are all supported.
  • Notifying all relevant parties across the organization associated with that regulation of the regulatory change/update, including important information such as effective dates, due dates, supporting documentation on the change and/or what needs to be done as well any other external documents or information links available regarding that regulatory change.
  • Provide evidence of all activities and documentation associated with regulatory updates, even including regulatory changes that were read but determined not applicable to the organization.
Regulatory Compliance Management

Regulatory Intelligence

By leveraging the power of the regulatory intelligence solution provided by our partners, (, and Reg-Room, a news & notifications feed is displayed directly in the Predict360 Regulatory Change Management module that is filtered based on the specific topics, agencies, jurisdictions, states and/or countries relevant to the organization and provides the ability to initiate a regulatory change management workflow or dismiss each item with full audit trail and connection to regulatory mapping within the system. Effectively, this single solution replaces all the external email subscriptions, RSS feeds and periodic web site research that your regulatory compliance management team often need to review periodically.

Regulatory Compliance Management

Regulatory Repository

Predict360 provides a repository that can capture all an organization’s obligations, including regulatory requirements, business requirements, standards, and frameworks that the organization needs to comply with. This repository allows the organization to link all their policy & procedure documents, risks and controls, training programs, audits and assessments to these obligations and regulations. This functionality enables the organization to identify gaps where they might not be meeting their regulatory obligations, identify risks to the organization and to quickly understand and assess the impact of a change in a regulation or obligation.

This module also includes proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology using natural language processing (NLP) technology to categorize a regulatory requirement to a particular subject area as well as to identify the second and third-party requirements based on the regulatory text (effectively the “who” and the “what” should be done).

Regulatory Compliance Management

CFR Library

A complete database of regulations and requirements in the United States Code of Federal Registrar (CFR) is provided and pre-loaded into the Regulations & Obligations Repository. This database contains the final approved text of the CFR (it does not include proposed rules or news until they become final approved rules). The database is categorized based on the CFR number and hierarchy.

This functionality enables organizations to:

  • Identify gaps where they might not be meeting their regulatory obligations
  • Identify risks to their organization
  • Quickly understand and assess the impact of a change in a regulation.
Regulatory Compliance Management

Compliance Advisory Services

This content plug-in includes an annual subscription to the Temenos Compliance Advisory Service. The advisory service can provide essential information and illuminating insights for upcoming regulatory changes and the steps needed to stay compliance. The subscription includes:

  • Unlimited Compliance Questions
  • Same day turnaround for questions received up to 2 pm CST / 3 pm EST
  • Unlimited Advertising and Disclosure Reviews
  • Compliance Policy Reviews

The Temenos Compliance Advisory Service also includes access to 41 Compliance Manual Chapters, 67 Webinars with new ones published monthly, 92 Policy Templates, 44 Quick Guides, 67, 464 Newsletters with one more published weekly, Compliance Calendar updated weekly, TRID Calculator, Peer to Peer Forum, and a Central Repository of Federal Regulator Website Links.

What Customers Say About 360factors

Learn How 360factors Empowers Customers to Manage Their Risk and Compliance Programs with Ease.

We look forward to working with 360factors to advance our enterprise risk and compliance programs for the bank while increasing the products and services we offer to the community.

Mark Casel Chief Risk Officer

We selected Predict360 due to its ease of use, banking industry design, and endorsement by the American Banker’s Association.

Eric Sprink President & CEO

Predict360’s banking workflows, risk library content, and endorsement from the American Bankers Association are a great fit for our bank.

Julie Dahle EVP and Chief Risk Officer

Predict360’s out-of-the-box applications designed specifically for banks our size along with their banking content was a significant influence in our selection of 360factors.

John Dunne EVP Chief Risk Officer

As part of our initiative to expand our products and services, we wanted to enhance our enterprise risk and compliance management to support this growth. Predict360 will enable our team to meet these goals efficiently.

David Claussen Chief Risk Officer

360factors’ solutions, powered by artificial intelligence, enables our organization to adapt and respond effectively to the ever-changing regulatory compliance landscape.

Joanna Chancellor Business Support Manager

The powerful features combined with the easy implementation of the cloud solution made Predict360 a great fit for our organization.

Steve Parker Chief Executive Officer

We believe our collaboration with 360factors and the technology they bring supports our vision for the future.

Gina Anonuevo Chief Compliance Officer

Deploying Predict360 is another step by us towards becoming a more streamlined and efficient organization.

Crystal Barnes Regulatory Compliance Specialist
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