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Select, Compare and Report on Peer Financial Performance Metrics with Ease

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Predict360 Peer Insights Delivers Configurable Benchmarking Metrics and Reports

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Predict360 Peer Insight

Deliver Valuable Financial Performance Insights to Your Financial Executive Team

Predict360 Peer Insights integrates Reports of Condition and Income (Call Reports) and Uniform Bank Performance Reports (UBPRs) data from FFIEC’s central data repository with the integrated business intelligence report and dashboard engine of Predict360. Banks can now specify who their peer banks are within Predict360 and have full control over viewing their performance relative to their specified peers. Key features include:

  • User configurable selection of which bank(s) are the direct peers of your organization, based on bank name, FDIC certificate number or IDRSSD.
  • Out-of-the-box reports and dashboards providing peer insights and benchmarking for Capital, Liquidity, Credit, and Profitability metrics
  • A built-in business intelligence reporting and dashboard engine so that business users can create or edit reports using any available FFIEC call reporting data to provide business-specific metrics, dashboards, reports and analytics with drill-down capabilities.
  • Comparison of peer data with real-time KRIs from your bank if using the optional Predict360 KRI with Risk Insights application.

Specify Peers, Analyze Data and Generate Financial Reports in Minutes

Predict360 Peer Insights enables financial organizations to quickly select and analyze key performance metrics to compare with peers. Pre-defined metrics include:

  • Capital-related metrics: Net Interest Margin, Efficiency, Stockholder Equity and Total Capital Ratios.
  • Liquidity-related metrics: Loan-to-Deposit, Core Deposit, Wholesales Funding to Deposit and Banker Deposits to Deposits Ratios.
  • Credit-related metrics: NPL to Total Loans, Loans to Assets, ALLL to Total Loans, Total Capital, Commercial NPL to Commercial Total Loans, C&I to Tier 1 Capital, ALL to Non-Current Loans, Construction to Tier 1 Capital, NCL Loans, ALLL to Non-Performing Loans, Consumer NPL to Consumer Total Loans, CRE to Tier 1 Capital and NPL Outstanding Ratios.
Predict360 Peer Insight
Predict360 Peer Insight

Integration Capabilities

Predict360 Peer Insights provides your organization with a comparison of your performance against your actual peers, and when integrated with the Predict360 KRI with Risk Insights application, can provide a view of your current performance against your peers in real-time instead of a 3-month delay, enabling your executive team to make decisions based on actual data metrics while take action quicker and with more confidence.

Predict360 Peer Insight

Built on the Predict360 Risk and Intelligence Platform

Predict360 automates many tasks and workflows while improving quality and value of risk and compliance activity execution. The highly configurable platform creates risk and regulatory relationships between organizational activities and provides visibility into where risks intersect, providing stakeholders a deeper, wider and holistic view of risk and compliance.

Predict360 Peer Insight

Uniform Bank Performance Reports

UBPR (Uniform Bank Performance Reports) are important sources of peer insights and intelligence for banks in the United States. These reports contain information about different banking and financial metrics. These metrics are provided to shed a light on the risk exposure, market position, and current performance of the bank. The intelligent approach for any bank is to compare its own UBPR reports with the reports being generated by their peers. This can provide valuable information – it tells banks about the mistakes other banks are making, and highlights opportunities based on the successes of other banks.

Banks select their peers based on different factors. The identifiers of these banks are included in Predict360. Once the banks have been chosen, Predict360 will automatically monitor UBPR and analyze new data whenever new reports are released. The data and ratios from the reports are extracted for analysis and compared with the same ratios and data from the bank itself. This provides management with constant visibility into not just how they are performing, but also insights into how others are performing and what lessons can be learnt from their performance. The entire process is made possible by the intelligent parsing capabilities of the Predict360 Business Intelligence engine.

Predict360 Peer Insight

Call Reports Integration

Bank call reports contain a lot of valuable information, but poring through them manually takes a lot of time and can result in important items being missed. Predict360 automatically parses call reports from selected bank peers. This provides management with visibility into not just what is happening in their organization, but also puts that performance in context of the performance of the rest of the industry. Predict360 extracts FDIC call report data intelligently and automatically, giving businesses updates about whenever new insights are available.

The automation of this process helps managers put each performance metric in context. Self-selecting peers ensures that the banks that are being used in the comparison are true peers of the banks, with similar investing structures and liabilities. It results in a new stream of intelligence that is updates whenever new information is available. This data can be integrated with the rest of the Predict360 Risk and Compliance Intelligence platform, helping business include the data in enterprise-wide performance reports. All this is made possible by the Predict360 Business Intelligence engine which has been designed specifically for the financial industry and extracts important financial documents and data to generate insights and prediction.

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