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Manage Regulatory Exam Processes, Workflows, and Findings with Ease

Predict360 Regulatory Exams and Findings Management Software

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Predict360 Streamlines Regulatory Examination and Findings Workflows

ABA Endorsed Solution Provider for Risk and Compliance Management

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Efficient Exams and Actionable Findings

Predict360’s Regulatory Exams and Findings Management solution automates many tasks and workflows while improving quality and value of compliance and risk activity execution through a single platform. The technology creates risk and regulatory relationships between all activities in an organization and provides visibility into where risks intersect – providing stakeholders a deeper, wider and holistic view of risk and compliance.

Predict360 empowers the risk, compliance, and auditing professionals who manage regulatory examinations to deliver better results while using fewer resources. Management can assign tasks, manage exams, assess findings, and more all within a single platform allowing for unprecedented collaboration and efficiency. Key features include:

  • Web forms that allow interaction with third parties, capture critical request details, and intelligently route requests
  • Improved collaboration between employees because the platform provides due date notifications, request routing, escalations, actions items, and other important workflow items
  • Intelligently record findings brought forward by regulatory examiners and keep a record of the commitments and actions items created in the process

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Predict360 Regulatory Exams and Findings Management Software

Streamline Regulatory Exam Processes

Intelligently designed tools and features that allow your organization to subvert the usual inefficiency traps in regulatory exams:

  • Identifying ownership of team members who will respond to the regulatory examination
  • Tracking all activities and tasks of various internal and external parties, including the documents requested by examiners
  • Managing due dates, notifications and escalations of any commitments from a team member
  • Capturing all supporting documentation and work papers, including storing all the documents requested by and provided to examiners
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Predict360 Regulatory Exams and Findings Management Software

Predict360 Regulatory Exams and Findings Management Software
Predict360 Regulatory Exams and Findings Management Software

Regulatory Exams and Findings Management Challenges

  • A significant challenge in preparing for regulatory exams is organizing and maintaining the voluminous paperwork generated during different phases of the exam, such as scoping and planning the exam, managing the exam, concluding the exam, and regulatory reporting.
  • The majority of firms collect data manually on spreadsheets or documents — a process that is not only inefficient but also prone to inaccuracies and inadequate data that might be challenged by examiners.
  • Without a centralized database, firms struggle to track, retrieve, and present information to examiners during the review process, which slows down the process.
  • Businesses often do not have visibility into the tasks being carried out across the enterprise for regulatory exams, which can result in delays and errors.
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Predict360 Regulatory Exams and Findings Management Software

Enhanced Accountability

Predict360 doesn’t just improve the examination workflow – it also helps improve the way findings are recorded, managed, and responded to:

  • Track findings and recommendations at an individual level and assign them to different business units with action plans and completion commitments
  • In addition, any sub-tasks (action items) related to the regulatory examination and/or to the associated findings can be linked
  • Associate tasks and other action items directly to the regulatory examination and the findings that are associated with or the cause of that task
  • The platform ensures that there is a record and an electronic audit trail of all action items and responses; thereby ensuring accountability and transparency
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