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Enhanced Learning Management and Effective Training

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Predict360 Modernizes Training Management to Improve Efficiency

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Customers Using Predict360's AI-Powered Solutions

Learning Management System

Empower Your Employees While Reducing Training Costs

Predict360’s Training Management (LMS) solution gives you the ability to create, deliver and manage training plans and courses for employees across the organization. Capturing all learning activities under one platform allows businesses to gain unprecedented visibility into organization-wide qualification and training. This allows managers to proactively cross train employees to ensure business continuity.

Streamlined training management helps employees by providing a testing platform and helps examiners by providing a platform for checking tests and assessing scores. Predict360 Training Management helps business with both; learning management and qualification management.

This means that businesses can use one platform to ensure that all their employees have the qualifications they are required to have for compliance reasons. It also helps businesses ensure that if any employee or team lacks qualifications they can be provided the necessary training and certification in the most efficient manner possible.

Learning Management System
Learning Management System

Learning and Qualifications

Predict360’s Training Management application combines:

  • An integrated Learning Management System (LMS) with the ability to link training to associated regulatory requirements, business obligations, risks, controls, audits, issues, policies, procedures and/or qualifications (competency) requirements to create the most unique regulatory compliance-centric learning management system in the industry.
  • A Qualification Management system that maintains, aggregates and monitors employee qualifications. It enables organizations to streamline the qualification process and ensure that employee qualifications remain current by tracking employee qualifications, monitoring qualification expirations, and maintaining the qualification history of employees and subcontractors. When a qualification is linked to a training course, that course can automatically be assigned to the employee or subcontractor.
Learning Management System

Training Content Options

Training content options include:

  • Over 50+ regulatory compliance courses for banking or credit union professionals via the optional Training Classes for Banking Frontline Personnel or Training Classes for Credit Union Frontline Personnel content plug-ins
  • Access to hundreds of courses in HR, Ethics, Compliance and Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) via our partnership with
  • Information Technology (IT) training classes and certification programs via our partnership with QuickStart Learning.
  • Customized training program and classes designed from small and mid-sized banks from our partnership with Innova Learning.
  • Frontline compliance training and additional training and certifications programs from American Banking Association (ABA) for active ABA members.
  • Organizations can also incorporate their own training material into the platform using Adobe Captivate and uploading the generated SCORM package into the Predict360
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