Compliance Management System

Compliance Management System

The Predict360 compliance management system can manage all of your compliance needs.


360factors’ Compliance Management System is a standalone compliance management solution to track, manage, create, and discuss all compliance related tasks, activities, and issues in one place. Manage compliance with BFSI regulations such as TILA, HMDA, BSA, AML, and KYC.

Top Compliance Management Challenges
  • Information is scattered across multiple documents, spreadsheets, and emails
  • Departmental silos within the organizations due to the lack of integration
  • Limited visibility for top management of compliance status or activities
360factors Provides
  • A single compliance management system for all compliance related information, data, discussion, and documents
  • An integrated solution that works organization-wide, allowing all departments to be on the same page
  • A live executive dashboard that gives a holistic view of compliance issues, audits, and tasks

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Recent Compliance Articles

As thought leaders in the compliance and risk management space, 360factors is dedicated in providing those who are seeking an improved solution to their own challenges, a resource for visitors to become informed and make their own evaluation of the services being provided. Select some recent compliance related articles below.

Holistic risk and compliance management

Posted by: Chris Duden | June 27, 2018

If organizations want to achieve better compliance and risk management, they need to change the way risk and compliance are handled within organizations. Organizations have risk and compliance departments, staffed with highly qualified people, and yet keep running into risk and compliance management…

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Make compliance management faster, better and smarter

Posted by: Carl McCauley | June 22, 2018

Organizations are concerned about the costs of compliance, and compliance violations remain a major headache for management. Organizations want to improve compliance, but the prevalent perception is that it will increase the cost and affect the company’s profits. Organizations thus need to find a way to…

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Why Compliance Management Programs need to be automated

Posted by: Raza Shahid | April 9, 2018

Compliance management is an immense undertaking that has to be managed by each and every stakeholder in the banking and financial industry. Why compliance management programs are necessary Before we delve into the benefits, let’s look at the need for change management programs. Regulatory changes…

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Today, banks and other financial institutions are facing greater expectations as it relates to compliance. With 61% of banks looking to increase their compliance budget in 2018 it is evident that more banks have identified these operational challenges and are now engaging in new technology to support their compliance management solutions. As always, the challenge is how to approach the presumed high cost to implement a third party software solution. Banks favor adding technology without increasing additional head-count yet keep the technology affordable and the implementation limited to a short period of time.

360factors was created to provide solutions to these banks who think that a having a compliance management software solution powered by artificial intelligence would be to expensive and take too much time and resources to implement. Imagine having a solution implemented within hours or days, instead of weeks and months.

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