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Predict360 Enterprise Risk Management

Streamline Your Organization’s Risk Management with Powerful Cloud-Based Solution.


Your Risk Management Needs are Too Important for Spreadsheets

Risk management is necessary to ensure that the business has a secure and stable future The Predict360 Risk Management solution ensures that managers always have visibility of enterprise risk on a dashboard. New risks are instantly reflected in all risk metrics and are visible to all authorized stakeholders. The cloud-based risk management software also ensures that the latest regulatory risks are closely monitored and updated within the system.

Risk Management Software Challenges

The Challenges Keep Increasing

  • Every industry faces a unique set of risk mandates and compliance challenges that require close coordination and integration with many related GRC functions including regulatory and standards compliance, incident management, work place investigations, internal audit, quality management and others.
  • An organization faces risks on several fronts, including business and regulatory compliance. With regulations changing, markets shifting, and internal restructuring occurring, a strategic risk-based approach can minimize uncertainty.
  • What is required of organizations is to be able to respond, predict and mitigate risks with agility in response to ever-changing business conditions as well as manage overall business risks under an umbrella of strategic risk-based culture.

Risk Management Tool

Get Better Risk Visibility and Updates

  • Easy and seamless document uploads.
  • Break down organizational silos that complicate risks management
  • Decentralize compliance to make it an organization-wide function.
  • Give executives organization-wide risk visibility through risk management tools
  • Access compliance activities and reports across all functional compliance departments
  • Constantly stay updated about new and current regulations
  • Covers regulations such as Dodd Frank, SOX, BSA/AML, HMDA, CFPB, RESPA, FATCA, FINRA 4210, AISMD, fair lending regulations, and much more.
  • Automated interpretation of the legal language to allow quick parsing of new regulations

Risk Management Solutions

Streamline your Risk Management with Predictions

  • Map the relationships between policies, procedures, risks and more to the relevant regulations and standards within the risk management solution
  • Be notified whenever any single part of the mapped relationship changes
  • True organization-wide risk prediction within the risk management tool
  • Monitor real-time risk levels across the organization
  • Automate the process of corrective and preventative actions

Here is What Our Solution Can Do For You

Have a look at how the risk mapping, predictions, live holistic view, dashboards, and much more will help your business manage risk better than ever before.


The Enterprise Risk Management Tool, Your Organization Needs

The Predict360 risk management software is continuously updated with new information, features, and improvements. Since Predict360 is a cloud based risk management tool, all the updates automatically happen in the cloud and cause no disruptions in work. The risk management information system within Predict360 is also updated with the latest laws and regulations which may affect risk.