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Quarterly Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Certifications and Attestations

Save Time, Increase Efficiency and Ensure Confidence in Your Certification and Attestation Requirements Across the Organization

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Quarterly Certifications and Attestations

Automate and Report Quarterly SOX Certifications and Attestations with Confidence

Public companies with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) requirements often must distribute certification or attestation questionnaires to a variety of managers, department heads and business unit presidents each quarter to ensure the accuracy of their financial information and identify any discrepancies or exceptions. Distributing these questionnaires, capturing the responses from each user in a timely fashion, and reporting on the results of these attestations is often a manual, time-consuming and frustrating process, especially when faced with the tight deadline mandated by financial reporting requirements.

Predict360’s Quarterly Certifications and Attestations application enables organizations to automate the recurring tasks of distributing, collecting and managing quarterly certifications and/or attestations across the organization.

Manual Sarbanes Oxley Attestation Challenges

    • Manual questionnaires are ineffective in collecting responses and exceptions
    • The use of different tools across multiple departments increases costs, creates silos and results in data that cannot easily be compared or combined
    • Silos are a major obstacle for risk and compliance executives that require accurate SOX reporting

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Quarterly Certifications and Attestations

Save Time, Increase Efficiency and Ensure Confidence in Your Certification and Attestation Requirements Across the Organization

Vendor Risk Management

Key Features and Benefits of Predict360’s Quarterly Sarbanes Oxley Certifications and Attestations

  • A built-in questionnaire and assessment engine for defining and distributing surveys including questions, help/guidance for each question, and a mechanism to identify which answer(s) create risks that requires further review
  • A workflow that collects the answers from the survey and then routes the results to a reviewer who can quickly identify potential issues, provide feedback and even trigger action item/tasks to remediate potential risks
  • Automatic notifications and due dates can be distributed via email to related parties and owners
  • A calendar and interactive reports that provide visibility to all open assignments in real-time and a method for requesting follow up
  • Reports that aggregate the results from the various certifications and provide summary reports that can be further certified by executives
  • Dashboards and reports that provide visibility to the status of all certification requests, identify issues and delays, and track and manage remediation of those issues
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