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Generative AI Risks in IT and Cybersecurity for Financial Organizations

December 24, 2023 Christine Thomas

Generative AI tools have really come to the forefront of digital revolutionary advancements in the last couple of years. There is no doubt that these tools offer unprecedented capabilities in content creation and manipulation, but fi...

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Roles and Responsibilities of Board Members in IT Risk Assessment

December 18, 2023 Sarah Hamilton

A rising number of organizational board members understand that cybersecurity is a business risk that they must address and ensure proper risk mitigation strategies are in place. Recognizing the profound importance of mitigating I...

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Impact of Recent Regulatory Changes on IT and Cyber Risk Management

December 15, 2023 Christine Thomas

Recent regulatory changes have significantly elevated the role of IT and cyber risk management in the financial sector and beyond. These changes stem from a growing awareness of the vulnerabilities that modern businesses, particular...

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Discover the 6 Evident Advantages of a Centralized and Improved Third-Party Risk Management

December 12, 2023 Sarah Hamilton

In today's globalized business environment, the sophisticated network of third-party relationships has conveyed exceptional challenges and opportunities in risk management. Improved Third-Party Risk Management has emerged as a pivotal...

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5 Considerations for Banks Implementing AI-Powered Solutions in Compliance Management Process

December 8, 2023 Christine Thomas

Regulatory bodies create and supervise the compliance rules that are mandatory for banks and other financial institutions. It is critical for organizations to strictly abide by these regulations. Noncompliance can turn into hefty pe...

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How to Effectively Identify and Monitor Major IT and Cybersecurity Risks

December 4, 2023 Sarah Hamilton

The rise in cloud computing, fintech solutions, and increased reliance on interconnected systems has exposed banks and financial organizations to various vulnerabilities that can have far-reaching consequences. Understanding and manag...

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