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Importance of Regulatory Compliance as a Part of Today’s Business

June 14, 2022 Sarah Hamilton

Compliance standards differ by industry and nation. However, regulatory compliance is fundamental for every industry and enterprise in several countries with a vibrant commercial and economic landscape. On the other hand, regulat...

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Regulatory Compliance Challenges Fintech Organizations Face Today

June 1, 2022 Christine Thomas

Regulatory compliance is a set of guidelines that organizations and businesses follow to ensure a safe work environment and smooth operations. The regulatory requirements may vary depending on the industry and the nature of the ...

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How to Resolve Risk and Compliance Challenges with Predict360 + Tableau

May 27, 2022 Sarah Hamilton

As a result of the tumultuous global events such as COVID-19 that occurred from 2019 to 2022, several new risks and compliance management difficulties have surfaced. However, there are substantial structural challenges with ri...

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How to Reduce Risk in FinTech Operations

May 17, 2022 Christine Thomas

As regulatory scrutiny increases, FinTechs are focusing on optimizing operational risk practices and minimizing potential operational risks. Risk mitigation is an essential responsibility for operations management. Hiring prof...

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Top 5 Biggest Risks Faced by Fintech Firms

May 10, 2022 Sarah Hamilton

Fintechs provide ease, adaptability, and lightning-fast service in a market dominated by traditional systems and institutions. Market expectations have moved swiftly due to improved goods and speedier services, and a new standar...

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Big Data’s Role in Modern FinTech Industry

April 30, 2022 Christine Thomas

Data is revolutionizing almost every domain of software products globally. The FinTech industry has also utilized data to transform technologies with improved business outcomes for customers and stakeholders. Regarding FinTech...

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