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Benefits of Business Intelligence for Financial Risk Management

August 5, 2022 Christine Thomas

Business Intelligence or BI processes enable financial institutions to organize their data for easy access and analysis. Stakeholders can select and analyze relevant information to make more proactive, informed choices. Business...

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Why Does Combination of Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Assessment Works Best?

August 1, 2022 Sarah Hamilton

When we consider risk assessment for the financial sector, there are more than one-sided views, and it often requires perspectives on both qualitative and qualitative analysis. The combined approach holds importance in today's un...

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Professional Risk Management Steps for Financial Success

July 26, 2022 Christine Thomas

Every business has risks that it needs to overcome. Following the steps of risk management provides an understanding and solutions to mitigate accordingly. Some organizations oversee their risk management manually, which incl...

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Regulatory Compliance and The Role of Data in Risk Management

July 22, 2022 Zeeshan Ali

Regulatory compliance is more than following rules and regulations; it is a business. Regulations can fuel an organization's growth or slow its initiatives for innovation. Compliance and non-compliance both impact a company's f...

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Managing Compliance Risks: Essential Tips for a Systematic Approach

July 15, 2022 Christine Thomas

Managing compliance risk can feel like a daunting task, yet it is necessary to ensure smooth operations for banks and financial organizations. As global regulations and accessibility increase so do compliance risks. Depending on...

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Automated Compliance Management – Key Reasons and Its Advantages for the Financial Sector

July 5, 2022 Sarah Hamilton

Automated compliance management means utilizing Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) powered systems to eliminate manual administration from compliance activities. When banks, credit unions, FinTechs, insurance companies, mortgage comp...

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