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5 Major Regulatory Compliance Challenges for Business as 2021 Ends

November 10, 2021 Christine Thomas

Many financial organizations are focusing on improving their regulatory compliance practices. They are looking at the compliance challenges being faced by organizations across the industry and trying to find the best soluti...

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How Collaboration Tech Transforms Risk and Compliance Management

November 3, 2021 Andrew Hunt

Synergy has been the theme of technology and businesses for the past few decades, and it is easy to see why so many businesses want increased synergy. The use of information technology made data easier to store and analyze,...

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Connecting the Dots with Risk Management Technology

October 21, 2021 Christine Thomas

The advent of risk management technology has highlighted just how limited a risk manager is in what he or she can do to improve risk management efficiency and effectiveness within their organizations. When all risk management...

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The Evolution of Compliance Management in the Digital Age

October 8, 2021 Christine Thomas

The change that compliance management is going through is anything but superficial. When compliance technology was new, most available compliance tools focused on making existing compliance processes faster, this meant...

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Synchronizing Fintech and Banks with Compliance Management Platforms

September 29, 2021 Andrew Hunt

Fintech has emerged as one of the most exciting domains in the financial sector. Businesses are coming out with new innovative services and service delivery mechanisms. Customers love using apps to transfer money, pay bills,...

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The Limits of Spreadsheets Versus Risk Management Platforms

September 28, 2021 Sarah Hamilton

Spreadsheets are a common way to store and analyze data in businesses operating in every industry globally. As good as spreadsheets are, certain limitations show up when it comes to specialized domains. Risk managers have ...

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