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What Businesses Need to for Regulatory Change Management in 2021

Posted by: Christine Thomas | January 5, 2021

Regulatory change management is a continuous challenge for many businesses across the country. Changes in regulations are always a bit difficult to manage for businesses, but the year 2021 is promising to be more eventful ...

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Two Important Data Security Benefits Amplified by Technology

Posted by: Andrew Hunt | December 29, 2020

Compliance is, as we have talked about before, a very complicated domain which involves complex processes that must be followed to the letter to ensure compliance. The good news is that compliance has been getting more codified...

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Compliance Management and the Concept of Wu Wei

Posted by: Sarah Hamilton | December 28, 2020

Philosophy has the virtue of being applicable everywhere – from our personal lives to our professional endeavors. There are philosophies which provide excellent insights into what bankers can do to maximize their success du...

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Risk Assessments, KRIs, and Risk Metrics – An Interview with CRO Parrish Little (Part 2)

Posted by: Christine Thomas | December 18, 2020

Here at 360factors our aim is to deliver predictive risk and compliance intelligence through modern technologies. We keep in touch with experts in the industry to gain deeper insights about how banks, credit unions and fina...

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The Transformative Power of Audit Management Technology

Posted by: Andrew Hunt | December 17, 2020

Every business knows that audits are an essential tool to discover vulnerabilities and understand the root cause behind the problems being faced by the business. What many businesses do not realize, however, is that their aud...

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How Compliance Teams Can Add Value for Financial Organizations in 2021

Posted by: Sarah Hamilton | December 16, 2020

It is customary for organizations to assess their performance at the end of the year to identify opportunities to improve their practices. As 2020 ends financial organizations are assessing their compliance management ...

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