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How Regulatory Change Managers Can Succeed in 2021 and 2022

June 29, 2021 Sarah Hamilton

There have been a lot of discussions about the upcoming regulatory changes and how regulatory change managers need to be more vigilant if they want to successfully guard the organizations as they navigate the new regulato...

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The Factors Changing Regulatory Change Management in 2021

June 23, 2021 Christine Thomas

The past two years have been exceptionally turbulent for regulatory change managers, and the next two years promise to bring about even more changes. The pandemic completely changes regulatory and reporting requirements a...

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How Automation is Reducing Audit Costs

June 18, 2021 Andrew Hunt

Audit management solution providers have long posited that audit management technology reduces overall costs for businesses. The position has been recently reinforced in a recent Gartner study. The study reveals that businesses f...

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Understanding the Different Stages of Risk and Compliance Management

June 17, 2021 Sarah Hamilton

Technology changes not in an instant but in waves. Whenever there is a majorly disruptive technology, it is followed by waves of innovation in all fields and domains as the new technology is slowly used to its full potential...

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Risk Libraries – an Exciting New Future for Risk Management

June 15, 2021 Christine Thomas

Risk libraries are quickly becoming a fantastic tool for banks that want to quickly upgrade their risk management frameworks. It is important to realize the role risk libraries can play in helping them not just mitigate risk...

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Amplify Risk and Compliance Management in 5 Steps

June 10, 2021 Andrew Hunt

While the fundamental theories of risk and compliance management that the industry operates on remain true, it is critical to remember that risk and compliance management strategies and methods developed decades ago incorporat...

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