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Protecting Local Banks Through Intelligent Risk Metrics

Posted by: Christine Thomas | September 30, 2020

Mid-size and smaller banks tend to specialize in selected types of properties and are often limited to investing in commercial properties in a few nearby metropolitan areas. In a recent interview to

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The Advantages of Next-Gen Quarterly Certifications and Attestations Workflows

Posted by: Christine Thomas | September 23, 2020

Compliance management technology can deliver powerful metrics, automate processes, and generate predictive insights that help bank management make better decisions for the future of the bank. The profound effect compliance tech has…

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Improving Compliance Management Performance Through Better Metrics and Workflows

Posted by: Andrew Hunt | September 21, 2020

When a challenge is approached, the most important thing to find a solution is to first ensure that proper research has been conducted and the decision makers have enough information and data to put in corrective…

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Making Risk Intelligence Accessible for Risk Managers

Posted by: Sarah Hamilton | September 18, 2020

One huge advantage of living in the information era is that much of the information that professionals need is easily available over the internet through multiple sources. Things get a bit trickier when we talk about…

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3 Important Risk Management Changes for Mid-Sized Banks

Posted by: Christine Thomas | September 16, 2020

Banks are leading the charge in helping the economy reopen across the country. Banks are providing the financial support and services that businesses need to survive in these challenging times. Most federal and local government programs…

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4 New Risk and Compliance Functions Made Possible by Advanced Technologies

Posted by: Andrew Hunt | September 16, 2020

When risk and compliance technology is discussed, it is often in the context of how much improvement the technology can bring about in an organization’s current risk and compliance processes. What often gets lost in this…

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