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Seamless performance is a must for success

Creating a culture of consistent high performance requires synergy between managers and employees in devising methods to plan, track, and review employees’ career goals, work objectives, and contributions to the company. It is easy to lose track of overall performance, the results of which only become evident at the end of the quarter or fiscal year. The cloud based Predict360 Performance Management System enables managers to monitor employee performance and align employee activities with organizational strategy.

Performance Management System

Tracking performance is a demanding task

  • Manually tracking the performance of every employee without performance management software is an unsustainable practice due to the resources it requires
  • Management needs to know how each department, team, and employee is performing
  • It is important to track changes in performance to detect organizational culture related problems
  • Departmental silos form within the organization due to the lack of integrated performance management systems
  • Hard working employees get demoralized because their high performance is not being monitored or recognized
  • Rising administrative costs and time-consuming management efforts lead to operational inefficiency

Measurement using logic-driven analytics with Predict360

  • Improve the productivity and efficiency of your business, directly increasing ROI
  • See trends and intelligent analytics that provide insights into employee performance
  • A performance management software that integrates with our other GRC modules
  • Fully customizable dashboards make goal setting easy and transparent.
  • Aligns your employee goals to organizational goals for a proactive goal management.
  • The performance management system operates on the cloud, making the implementation quick and convenient
  • Different views for managers and employees to allow both to track their own and their team’s performance
Here is what our solution can do for you

Have a look at how our automation based Performance Management System tools help your organization achieve better compliance levels at a faster pace across the organization.