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Manage Risk and Compliance Under an Integrated GRC Software Platform

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Predict360 GRC Streamlines Workflows and Automates Processes

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Customers Using Predict360's AI-Powered Solutions

Governance, Risk and Compliance Software

Synchronize Risk and Compliance with Corporate Strategic Goals

Predict360 is an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) powered GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) platform that vertically integrates risks and controls, KRIs, regulations and requirements, policies and procedures, audit and examinations, and training in a unified, cloud-based system. Predict360’s SaaS architecture and modern technologies deliver predictive analytics, data insights for predicting risk and streamlined compliance.

Predict360 automates tasks and workflows while improving quality and value of risk and compliance activity execution. The highly configurable platform creates risk and regulatory relationships between organizational activities and provides visibility into where risks intersect, providing stakeholders a deeper, wider, and holistic view of risk and compliance. The unified architecture of Predict360 increases the efficiency of risk and compliance teams, enhances visibility for management, and creates electronic audit trails at the same time.

Governance, Risk and Compliance Software
Governance, Risk and Compliance Software

Modular and Customizable GRC Platform Solution

Every company has its own unique vision and needs, which is why we designed Predict360 to be modular and flexible enough to be molded to your company’s vision and requirements. Businesses can select the modules and functionalities they require from the solution. This reduces bloat both in functional terms and cost terms. Instead of a confusing solution with unneeded features, the employees of your organization get direct access to the tools they need.

Governance, Risk and Compliance Software

Augmented Risk Mitigation

Predict360’s Risk Management applications enable organizations to identify, quantify, monitor, and minimize/mitigate risks. These applications allow businesses to manage the business, credit, interest rate, liquidity, operational, strategic, compliance, reputation, and cyber risks at the business unit level and as enterprise-wide risks.

The applications from 360factors for risk management include:

Governance, Risk and Compliance Software

Intelligent Compliance Management

Predict360’s Compliance Management applications enables organizations to collect, store, track and collaborate on all compliance-related activities and regulatory reporting requirements, including compliance monitoring & testing (QA/QC), compliance program reviews, regulatory examinations & findings, regulatory changes, remediation plans & corrective actions, internal & external complaints, hotline reporting, case management and investigations, training plans, document change requests, sanctions and many other types of compliance-related tasks. As such, the system provides a single system of record and a common calendar for all compliance-related activities.

The applications for compliance management include:

Governance, Risk and Compliance Software

Powerful Content Plugins and Repositories

Predict360’s functionality can be further enhanced through powerful content plugins and best practices repositories made by 360factors and our valued partners in the risk and compliance domain. Available content plugins include:

  • 360factors Banking Risk Taxonomy/Library
  • 360factors Key Risk Indicator (KRI) Library
  • Code of Federal Registrar (CFR) Regulatory Knowledge Base
  • Banking Compliance Testing Assessments & Checklists (QC/QA)
  • Training Classes for Banking Frontline Personnel
  • Banking Risk Control and Library
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Assessment
  • FFEIC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (FFEIC CAT)
  • Regulatory Intelligence (News & Notifications Feed) (from
Governance, Risk and Compliance Software

What is GRC Software?

GRC software solutions are solutions that take a combined GRC approach to help organizations run more efficiently. Under the GRC model the governance, risk, and compliance management is aligned and treated as one domain instead of three separate domains. This is done because these three domains are closely linked together and contain many redundant processes. GRC software aligns the different processes and tasks and gives upper management a unified platform where they can monitor and manage risks, compliance, and much more. GRC solutions come in all shapes and sizes – with some being small tools and others being full solutions.

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