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Integrity Training in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

Many propositions have been put forth as solutions to improving the offshore oil and gas industry.

Yet our biggest problem is INTEGRITY IN OUR PEOPLE , the industry serves up a set of requirements for field employees to earn a full time position and keep it, earning an above average wage working 1/2 of the year.

What happens offshore stays offshore
You must be willing to get your hands dirty to make the big money offshore
You must be willing to look the other way in matters of non compliance
You […]

Demand Accountability to Help Your SEMS Team Orchestrate Success in Your Management System

For your SEMS team to orchestrate success in your management system, no one can stand idly, everyone has a role to play. Management commitment is as important as those who are part of the SEMS team. The management has to demand accountability by assigning roles and responsibilities to properly account for who is responsible, when to execute it, and how to execute it.

As technology progresses, the use of automated systems in your SEMS compliance helps achieve efficiency. PREDICT360 is a software tool that can streamline regulatory […]