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Audit Management

Minimizing Internal Audit Risk Factors

Internal audit is considered an integral part of management and a fundamental element of corporate governance. The dynamic changes of the world economy, the new tools and the new directions of internal audit development are useful for management and give added value to organizations. These factors have given rise to a new image of […]

Understanding and using the Audit Risk Model

Every business activity carries a certain amount of risk. Whenever there is an audit there are several risks that need to be managed. The audit risk model classifies the risks that can happen, especially when an external auditor is being used.
What is audit risk?
Audit risk is the risk that the audit will have human […]

What is an Audit Process, and How does GRC Improve it?

The audit process is unique for every organization depending on its needs, but there is a general approach that can be applied to almost every audit case. As we look at what is an audit process, it is also important to see how it changes within the context of GRC. We are talking about […]

Keynote address at the 13th Annual Audit Conference highlights the importance of audit technology

The Ensuring Integrity: The 13th Annual Audit Conference took place in December of 2018. The conference is attended by experts, innovators, leaders, students, and businesses. These stakeholders discuss the challenges being faced by auditors, the opportunities that are present for improving audits, as well as exciting new developments in the industry. The keynote speech […]

Operational Audits: Going Beyond Internal Audits 

Internal audits are a very common occurrence in businesses. Operational audits, however, are rarer. These audits can deliver wider-ranging benefits compared to internal audits, but take more effort to carry out, which is a major reason why businesses do not do operational audits more often.

What are operational audits?

Operational audits are audits that focus […]

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Four Ways Internal Audit Software Can Help Your Business

1 – Better Audit Scheduling Management
Audit scheduling is completely automated by internal audit software for banks. There is a display that shows all the audits that have been scheduled. When an internal audit is nearing its scheduled date the software sends notifications to all the assigned stakeholders automatically.
2 – Better Reporting for Regulatory Bodies
Audit management […]